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@fatalefemme We have a very similar kitchen only with yellow accented tiles(yes we are "lucky"). Those are not brass swoop pulls but are wood of some sort. Not great for anyone who has fingernails.

Before & After: From the 1960s to Today!
3/30/14 03:47 AM

Love the transformation! The blue, the concrete, the floors! Such a great job. I do find the curtains a little too much. To me they compete with your lovely personalised artwork.

Before & After: Tasha's Tragic Living Room Gets Gorgeous
2/4/14 08:47 PM

It's a lovely update, so nice and fresh. Cant waIt for our green and brown falling apart kitchen to go. The microwave concerns me, I wouldn't feel confident lifting hot items down from there and I'm about 40 years younger. (A bit of a klutz though...)

Before & After: Lynn's Lightened & Updated Kitchen Corner
2/2/14 09:04 PM

What about just painting the rear of the pantry shelves(not necessarily grey) for a pop of colour? A smaller area then to change if you get tired of/dont like it.

Paint Color Suggestions for My Kitchen? Good Questions
1/30/14 08:10 AM

@secret agent girl - the lamps are also from ikea I believe. A work/desk lamp.

Weekend DIY Project: Make a Simple Nightstand from IKEA Expedit Shelving
1/11/14 07:05 AM

I love how curated this is! Where is the cushion on the chair in the living room from?

Bryan & Sarah's Vintage Modern Home & Studio House Tour
12/11/13 11:36 PM