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Another thing: if you have sash windows that open at the top as well as the bottom, keep them open on both ends, so as the hot air rises it has somewhere to escape - as opposed to being trapped inside, building up and turning your apartment into an oven. If your stove is next to a window and has an air vent at the top, keep that on with the window open at the top as well, even if you're not cooking much - it still sucks the hot air up instead of heating up your kitchen while you cook.
Where I live it's hot and very humid towards July-August, and this has made a HUGE difference, as it helps with air circulation. The only downside is if you don't have screens at the top to keep out bugs, but you can always make or buy some.

No AC? No Problem! Try This Quick Trick to Keep Your Cool
7/21/14 11:49 AM

My faux-pas: at a flea market in Berlin I opened a glass case to get a look at a pair of sunglasses - after trying and failing to get the chatty vendor's attention, I'm not a fan of being ignored - and she flipped out on me, saying *very loudly* that I shouldn't open things without permission, and that now everyone within sight would now think I was a thief. The way she carried on was a bit of an overreaction, frankly, but I understand her point. Lesson learned: if I want to get someone's attention, step on their toes!

5 Things Not to Say (or Do) at the Flea Market
7/15/14 05:40 PM

Agreed, Livvy. Pimps are slaveowners, and using the term in this context turns them into benevolent little cartoons. It's a misogynist trend that really needs to die.

Great info, though, otherwise.

Pimp My Small Kitchen: 10 Cheap, Renter-Friendly Improvements
5/31/14 09:46 AM

They even included a spot for my kitty to swat at my stomach and sleeves when I'm ignoring her.

This Desk Keeps Your Cat from Walking on Your Keyboard Design News
4/28/14 04:18 PM

Why does the quiz keep recycling the same questions I've already correctly answered?

Fourth Designer 8 Most Famous American Designers Quiz
4/28/14 01:23 PM

Adding to the posts about NOT mixing vinegar and baking soda together to make a cleaning product, I would like to point out mixing vinegar and soap is also a terrible idea. Dr Bronner's (the soap brand shown above) even writes about it on their website because it's such a common mistake: http://lisa.drbronner.com/?p=292

This holds true even if it's "just a little" vinegar added at the end, or "just poured really slowly", or whatever excuse is given. It's science, people. You can't stop chemistry from happening. So if you're going to make your own cleaning products, KNOW YOUR BASES FROM YOUR ACIDS. Vinegar and lemon juice: acids. Soap and baking soda: bases. Combining the two will neutralize both, rendering them useless - unless of course you're using one to clean up after another, like using a vinegar rinse after soap or baking soda.

As others have pointed out, the drain cleaner above is useless on it's own, EXCEPT if you plug the sink tightly after pouring in the vinegar. If your sink is really clogged, the gas released has nowhere else to escape and so will build up pressure until it pops the clog down the drain (at least half the time. I've tried this and it works on completely-stopped up drains, less so on merely slow-draining ones. Get a plunger! And stop putting stuff down your drains that shouldn't be there.) It's still WAY better than awful caustic drain "cleaners" which are really bad for your pipes anyways.

I really like that AT is posting DIY home cleaners, but it's not useful at all to spread misinformation that's just going to discourage people when those cleaners don't work as well as store-bought conventional things.

How To Make Your Own Natural Bathroom Cleaners Shopping List + Recipes
3/29/14 01:12 PM

OMG! You have a copy of the Sami woman print that's been on my Etsy wishlist forever! Ha! How random. (And love the new kitchen look!)

Before & After: Andie's Mini Kitchen Makeover Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/22/14 04:56 PM

Speaking as someone who spent a good day removing a previous renter's paintjob from our melamine/particleboard cupboard fronts: **YES**, you should have used primer, because whoever painted our cupboards just slapped on the paint without a second thought (or much taste in colour choices… egads they were terrible). I hate to be a downer, but it will chip and scrape off, and look terrible and cheap - even if for now it looks great! (And I do love the colours! Good choice.) But an extra hour of prep work would have saved you/your landlord a bigger fix in the future.

Others considering a similar venture, take note :)

Before & After: Plain Particleboard Cabinets Get a Cheery Spring Paint Job
3/22/14 02:24 PM

LOVE THIS! As someone who's very not so sure about ever being able to afford her own place, it gives me reason to dream :)

But this part gave me a bit of concern:

"set on the Boulder creek"

As a former Calgarian who watched her hometown get drowned last summer (and especially now, watching what's happening in the UK) PLEASE tell me your place isn't so cheap because it's in a floodplain. If it's convenient to downtown but still quite affordable, generally the land it's built on is cheaper for a reason. I REALLY hope this isn't the case, but its something everyone should keep in mind when buying property. Lots of people love living close to the water - including me! - but that comes with a price.

Rebecca & Dustin's \"Screw Convention\" Re-Invented Mobile Home House Tour
2/12/14 11:00 AM

Something I found out about cats: my cat was having the same Death Farts and the next time I was at the vet I just mentioned them jokingly in passing (heh) and she told me that unlike humans and dogs (among others, I guess?) cats aren't actually supposed to fart. If they are, it's likely something in their food that they can't digest properly, like soy. Sure enough, I changed the food and the problem went away. Maybe try that?

Now of course, she just sh*ts on the bed, but one problem at a time, I guess. :\

How To Make Fart Hydrogen Sulphide Gas Smells Go Away
2/10/14 03:23 PM

Great tip about seed exchanges - and timely: if you're in Montreal this weekend (February 8-9) the Seedy Weekend seed exchange & urban agriculture expo is happening:


5 Tips for Gardening on the Cheap
2/4/14 10:55 AM

On the Brettuns Village website, they link to this:

Where you can get a new key for your trunk, if that's what you meant by 'fix the lock'.
All you need to know is the maker of the trunk and the key code. Good luck!

How To Update This Old Trunk? Good Questions
1/24/14 03:06 PM

This website is amazing, not the least because I picture the writer looking like Wilford Brimley. So much useful information and grumpy wit. Perfect :)

How To Update This Old Trunk? Good Questions
1/24/14 02:56 PM

Maybe try a tub&tile cleaner? Something that's baking soda-based or otherwise 'natural', with no harsh abrasives. It's what I used on my windows to get the water stains off, when NOTHING else worked. I use baking soda on tough grease on pots and pans, too - but I suspect it's too abrasive for non-stick pans.

Weekend Chores: Flowers, Kitchen Organizing & Cleaning, Make a Meal January Cure: Assignment # 7
1/10/14 11:13 PM

If you're worried about the smell of vinegar, make a scented vinegar with essential oils: about 15-20 drops per 16oz (2 cups, your regular spray bottle size). Peppermint, pine, any citrus, eucalyptus, and lavender all work pretty well. Great for cleaning everything too!

Rebecca's Cure: Defunking the Bedroom Liveblogging the January Cure 2014
1/8/14 11:24 PM

Tiffany_ :
Don't fill the bottom much higher than the lip of the butter cup (the 'bell' part) - you don't need to drown the butter, just form a seal. Yes, use cold water. Make sure you pack the butter in with a knife, leaving no air pockets between the butter and the cup. I don't have air conditioning in my apartment, so if the room temperature gets any warmer than 77°F/25°C, the butter gets too soft and falls out, or goes rancid too quickly - the only drawback (obviously if you have AC, it's not an issue). But for most of the year it works great!

BIA Cordon Bleu Butter Keeper
12/28/13 11:18 PM