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Just a reminder that you can check out ebooks on your tablet or smart phone from your library. Even my small town library participates. You do have wait lists, but they actually pass by quicker than waiting for the hard copy to get turned in. When the loaned book expires it is immediately available for the next in line.

Lightening Up: Declutter Media Collections January Cure Assignment #16
1/23/14 03:47 PM

Follow-up - really digging the cookbook stand in the kitchen. I will have to try to find one before the AT community snags them all!

John & Laurel's Handcrafted Homestead House Tour
1/15/14 10:32 AM

Struck most by the cat posing in the family portrait main picture. Lovely house too. Charming. Lived in. Real.

John & Laurel's Handcrafted Homestead House Tour
1/15/14 10:29 AM

The separator for framed cabinets can be cut off and mounted to one of the doors to keep the appearance "normal". Look at several of the images here:
If you are worried about support you can add a cross support above the doors.
Goes to here showing how to remove the center stile:
- see where they attached a horizontal rail above the doors & below the drawers.

I love the look of the shiny chrome, but practically speaking I will do the wood ones as I can custom size them.

Before & After: A Better Way to Organize Pots and Pans in the Cupboard
1/15/14 10:22 AM

A rectangular comal (Mexican griddle/grill pan) is great for pancakes, a little bit of bacon on it first, or use your saved bacon grease (or spray it). It is made of cast iron, but the rectangular surface and slim profile make it easy to use and store. It can also be flipped over to the grill side with the raised markings. We use it most for making tortillas, then pancakes, then eggs (using those ring thingies).

Help Me Convince My Husband to Love Our New Giant Sauté Pan! Good Questions
1/9/14 04:30 PM

PS we had to put baby safety covers on our gas stove knobs, because a new cat jumped onto the stove to see what was what and hit one of the knobs just right turning it on. Luckily avoided a fire.

How To Build Burner Covers and Double the Counter Space in Your Tiny Kitchen Tiny Projects for a Cozy Kitchen
1/9/14 04:05 PM

Saw this on the telly.

How To Build Burner Covers and Double the Counter Space in Your Tiny Kitchen Tiny Projects for a Cozy Kitchen
1/9/14 04:03 PM

denzeef - I saw a picture the other day on Pinterest where colorful towels were used to drape at the desired height. The mix of height of drape, patterns and textures was brilliant.

50+ DIY Project Ideas for the Bedroom
1/2/14 12:16 PM

Yes, on my first glance at the page I thought that was a deer on the loveseat. lol

Enter for a Chance to Win: Mercer Tufted Loveseat from Canvas Holiday Giveaway
12/19/13 08:58 AM

@notyou - you could just paint the top cabinets white and leave the bottom beautiful blue. Two tone kitchens are all over Pinterest which means popular. ;) Then if you get negative comments you could go all white.

Find Your Style: 10 Beautiful Real-Life Kitchens with Colorful Cabinets
12/18/13 08:47 AM