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This company is 1 HUGE LIE! In Sept., I called about the Louis Gold Gilt Mirror to see if it was still on sale at $254, and was told it was showing $299 in the computer, so I DIDN'T ORDER IT. A customer service rep called 2 days later and left a vm that I could order the mirror for the sale price if I wanted it, but it was backordered untl Nov. 15th. I didn't call back. Mid Nov. Wisteria took $347 from my checking account and shipped the mirror. I was furious! They used my info from a previous order, but said a FULL REFUND would be given once they recieved the mirror back in 10 DAYS. Didn't happen!! I called. They had the mirror and said the money would be in my account in 10 days. They refunded $161.61 of the $347!!!! That's all they would refund because I was RESPONSIBLE FOR SHIPPING A MIRROR I DIDN'T ORDER! Stay away from these thieves! My bank is going to help me thank heaven.

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