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It's Stacie. So the boyfriend loves that most everyone agreed with him. He can't stop talking about how right he is and thinks we should re-visit decor decisions of the past. Hilarious!

Thanks to everyone for your input. We hadn't thought about changing the shade so that's definitely something to consider. We can't paint the walls...well...we can, we just don't want to bother at this point. It's a rental with 14ft ceilings so unless we are truly inspired, we'll add color to the walls with textiles and artwork both in abundance from local artists.

Score one for the boyfriend. I guess it was going to happen eventually.

Seriously, thanks all!

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9/26/13 12:25 AM

I love the charcoal (garbage tin-like?!?) cylander too! Where can I get one?!

Nightstand Inspiration | Apartment Therapy New York
1/12/10 04:34 AM

I really like it! Perfect combination of stylish house and cozy home.

Just love the shade of grey you use in the hallway (really love how it looks in the 2nd photo of the slideshow). Would you mind sharing the color and brand?

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11/6/09 02:22 AM

Thanks everyone for all the fab tips! I'm actually leaning towards a blue toned gray so I will certainly check out the colors suggested by short giraffe. While I'm there I'll take a look at the warmer grays too because I hadn't even considered them. I really like the idea of the sheepskin pillows but I have a little dog who would think they were his personal chew toys :-) so I'm not quite sure about that. But I'm in full agreement on something whimsical to soften things up.

Since replacing the sofa is not an option at the moment and the legs look even heavier than they appear in the picture, a rug may be just what it needs. But I've also called the store where I purchased it to see how to go about changing the legs.

I have some Shepard Fairey prints that might work. Not 100 percent on them but I like the idea of deep, bold artwork. I also have an arc floor lamp that I love and chairs and a coffee table that are far and away more slim-lined. So after the paint goes up I'll play around and figure out what works best in the space.

Now I'm much more excited to get started and will definitely post photos when I'm all done. Thanks again!

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10/31/09 12:23 PM