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I think I'd get distracted to see my reflection when I'm preparing food. So perhaps I'd pass on the mirror or just install a really narrow one, too narrow to reflect anything clearly, but just to bounce off the light. But I'm completely in love with the light blue, so refreshing and not cold at all in this case.

Before & After: A Seriously Stylish Kitchen Renovation on a Budget One Kings Lane
4/11/14 01:01 PM

...no. You don't have to pinch them bit by bit? O_O

Did You Know You Can Eat a Kiwi With a Spoon? Tips from The Kitchn
3/26/14 03:33 PM

hear hear :)

Did You Know You Can Eat a Kiwi With a Spoon? Tips from The Kitchn
3/26/14 03:31 PM

I'm having the most ambiguos reaction ever at AT, because I'm totally smitten for the dining/living room, while the bedroom just makes my skin cold :)

I wonder if the stove cover came with - looks like it's upcycled from something else? Can't find it in the list.

James' Beautifully Handcrafted Apartment in Clinton Hill House Tour
3/25/14 12:13 PM

I guess it wouldn't be too hard to mark "Front" on the after chair, in case of emergency...
Love the colors, really. And the patience. Had an office chair thorn to a similar level, mine ended up in dumpster...

Before & After: From Cat Scratcher to Purrfect Chair
3/23/14 05:04 AM

love the sheepskin rugs everwhere. Although at home a have a constant struggle with the cat, who gets to sit on it. Getting here a smaller personal rug didn't help much :)

Sarah and Lou's Dream Rental A House in the Hills
3/23/14 04:50 AM

My favourite coctail.
Brandy Alexanders are also nice, only sweeter: basically the same, just use brandy instead of vodka.

White Russians and The Big Lebowski The Celluloid Pantry
2/4/14 02:48 PM

why not just invite some friends for a party? can't believe there would be no volunteers for a free beer :)

What Recipes Can I Make with Beer? Good Questions
2/3/14 01:23 PM

I normally cook and prep at the same time, so a kitchen arrangement where a stove is so far from open surfaces would be a huge pain.
Loved the open shelves in the kitchen at first sight, but then, where is all the food like flour and pasta stored? a separate pantry not shown here?

Kirsten & Chris' Timeless Style House Tour
1/24/14 02:01 PM

I normally use bananas *and* frozen fruit *and* yogurt :)

6 Ways to Make Smoothies Without Bananas
1/21/14 01:55 PM