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I used to live in a condo building right next to the fire station, OMG, those guys can make noise 24/7. They would wash their cars all hours of the day, play games in the back yard again all hours of the day, work on their cars and motorcycles, have long and loud conversations, plow the driveway (not for fire trucks for their employee parking) 3-4 am in the morning... and guess what no matter how much you complain to whomever you wish they will not change a thing. Never ever ever again!

I now live close to an intersection with a very loud crossing sign, you know the kind that beeps to let blind people know. It got stuck a few times imagine that screeching sound every 2 minutes 24 hours, it is unbearable. I went to the police station maybe 15 times before they stopped it. It is already very loud anyway, but plus all night long... If you are sensitive to noise watch out for those. Believe me I am not the only one, many people fighting for months with the town/city halls.

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7/28/14 10:58 AM

I love what Manhattan Nest with their kitchen counter, very cheap alternative to butcher block:

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7/7/14 11:32 AM

I bring lunch 99% of the time especially when I work in the suburbs. I do not eat anything processed. I also do not eat canola oil and anything that is GMO which makes it a real challenge to eat out. I cook almost all of my meals anyway and I cook extras over the weekend for lunch. I do not like cold sandwiches or salads (though I love it on the side just not as main course) for lunch which would have made my life simpler... If I have absolutely no way to cook then I drive to whole foods for lunch and get something from their hot bar. When I work walking distance to a whole foods, then I prefer to go there at lunch, but I always end up working in companies that are in the middle of nowhere:(

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6/2/14 02:28 PM

Unless they have free returns, prices seem quite high for furniture to buy without trying out.

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3/26/14 03:25 PM

OK this is just not fair! How can someone pick between those?

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3/20/14 10:39 AM

1) Write a letter to the landlord ASAP and send it certified mail. You may also e-mail at the same time to keep things moving, but keep copies. Also document dates/times of all calls made to the landlord.

2) Call the tenant associations in your town and the town hall, ask from the health dept an inspection ASAP. Document the call, but don't expect much, seems like mice is not considered a health hazard in most towns, been there and was shocked to hear that!

3) You can always wilhold rent to the landlord until the issue is resolved. You need to put the rent money to an escrow account in the meantime and notify the landlord in a certified letter that you will be witholding rent until the issue is resolved.

4) You can also always call an exterminator and deduct it from the rent, but in case the cost is higher than the rent you may not want to do that. Also if your unit is in a condo the exterminator cost needs to be paid by all owners, so it will be a big hassle for you to justify it.

5) Do not fix it yourself, this is serious issue and needs to be fixed correctly, and the landlord can always say that you damaged his house with unauthorized repairs. No need to go there.

If you do not hear back from the landlord in a couple days and assuming you did all the steps above call an exterminator, and deduct it from the rent.

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3/20/14 09:23 AM

I have a Golden Devil's Ivy (Epipremnum aureum 'Golden Pothos' ) in my not so bright livingroom and it is doing wonderfully and growing like there is no tomorrow. It does not get any direct sunlight and I live in Boston, so as you can imagine room is quite dark most of the day and only has few hours of artificial light in the evening.

I now bought a n Parlor Palm - Chamaedorea which is supposed to like low light as well, we will see. I also grow cactus and succulents successfully using under-kitchen cabinet florescent lights.

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3/18/14 11:10 AM

I was wondering if you could get any remote/work-from-home jobs there. I do not know your background, but there are said jobs in many different fields from HR to Banking. You can also consider being a recruiter which can be done virtually from pretty much anywhere.

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2/28/14 01:50 PM

By the way Overstock has the exact ottoman from Lowes for $320

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Navy Round Nailhead Ottomans

1/22/14 02:05 PM

Same here I would either buy the one from Lowes or Amazon. I liked that the Amazon one had feet and it has a clean design. I wonder if one can add more nails to it. May be worth exploring especially to the lines where fabrics meet.

Splurge, Save, or Steal:
Navy Round Nailhead Ottomans

1/22/14 02:02 PM

I am assuming your bathtub is ceramic. I have a big old ceramic sink and I use Barkeeper's Friend powder and Scotchbrite tub scrubber to clean it. The combination gets rid of all the stains. First warm up the tub by filling the bottom with hot water. Wait for 10 mins or so and drain. Sprinkle the powder on the wet tub. Wait for another 10-15 miutes and start scrubbing. This scrubber seems to work wonders. I tried many products before on my bathtub and sink, but this seems to have best results and minimum residue. Also there are some very strong tub cleaners at Home Depot that you may want to try if this does not work.

It is easy to make the faucet sparkle. You have to clean it throughly first with a strong product, something like ZEP shower and tub cleaner, and once it is cleaned polish with Mr Clean magic eraser. Hopefully these will work:)

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12/10/13 12:22 PM