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In preparation for our first group of house guests in our new house, I attempted to reassemble the Ikea bed frame we had disassembled for moving.

After two hours of trying to get the existing hardware to work, I went a little crazy and haphazardly nailed the thing together with a box of 2" nails I found in the closet. Despite being, theoretically, the most unstable way to hold together a bed frame, it stood for many months and many sleeps. Unfortunately, when it was time for a new bed frame, I had to admit to my husband what I had done. He had to saw the thing apart to get it out of there.


Reader Regrets: An IKEA Oops
4/7/14 12:46 PM

People are asking about painting tile. Thanks to our neighbors, I found out that previous owners epoxy painted the original 50s tile in the 90s. To speak to looks and durability, neither our inspector nor I noticed that it was painted until we moved in. I can now see a couple of tiny spots where it's starting to peel, but for the most part, I am pretty impressed with how well the paint held up after 15-20 years. Apparently they sanded down the finish on the tile before they applied it. Not sure if it was professional or DIY, though I've been told that those epoxy paint chemicals are SUPER toxic. I probably wouldn't do it myself.

5 Simple Ways to Make Your Bathroom Feel Like New
1/23/14 10:47 AM

Our last rental before we bought had a funky smell, none of the doors shut, and the roof was so awful that when our landlord finally replaced it, a roofer fell all the way through the attic and I found him dangling from a large whole in the living room ceiling at 7:30 AM. Poor guy. That said, our neighbors were AMAZING, and just because of them I had a really hard time leaving that neighborhood.

Being Grateful About Your Home's (Unfixable) Flaws
1/11/14 10:38 AM

Stunning -- every bit. I love everything, but the navy bathroom and all those hanging plants are my favorite. Mid century typically isn't my bag, but you guys just know how to do it right. Thanks for the inspiration!

Lauren and Chad's Vintage Comfort House Tour
1/10/14 02:04 PM

For me, walking around the house in a sports bra after working out is my walk on the wild side. To go outside and like, get the mail, would feel really strange. Maybe I've been in the South too long. For my sister, the Californian and lifelong athlete, clothes are a burden demanded by social norms, and bodily functions are great breakfast banter. To each his/her own!

Are You From a Naked Family?
1/9/14 11:02 AM

I had a pretty awful tub in our last rental -- we actually had chunks of the enamel chipped off the bottom. I know some people have said shower mats, which is what I did, but I will just say that if you REALLY hate mildew and your bathroom doesn't have a vent (ours didn't), you make another chore for yourself.

I am also ALL about fabric-ish shower curtain liners. They don't wave around and, in my opinion, they make your shower feel a little "richer" than vinyl curtains. New liners + a big heavy cotton shower curtain (so easy to throw in the wash) will go a long way for both looks and warmth.

Tips for Improving Shower in Rental? Good Questions
12/10/13 10:23 AM