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This is a web page we have for insulating antique windows from drafts, heat, cold, UV rays, etc. - they also work with regular, everyday windows, even dual-pane windows that still have drafts: If you have questions, you can call us or email through the site. Thanks!

Draft Stoppers: Affordable & DIY Resources
12/24/13 02:40 PM

Storm windows are actually a great way to insulate your windows for a more-permanent, low-cost fix. The acrylic sheet magnetically seals around the inside of the window frame, sealing the window from drafts and the cold that emanates through the glass window. It sounds complex, but it's actually quite simple. The acrylic is pretty much unnoticeable, and they cosr way, way less than replacing your windows. You can check them out here:

5 Ways to Insulate Your Windows for Winter
12/24/13 02:36 PM

If you're looking to eliminate drafts, acrylic window covers (more-commonly known as storm windows) are a great, relatively low-cost way to go. They help preserve antique, historic windows without having to replace them, and they eliminate drafts by insulating the window. It also cuts down quite a bit on heating costs. We serve All of California and Nevada. You can call or email us if you have more questions. Thanks!

5 Ways to Keep Yourself Warm at Home
12/24/13 02:20 PM

Hi, well... everyone! We can verify that these work because we're just about the only place in California that has them. I don't want to be spammy or salesy here, so I apologize in advance, but I know our products are hard to find. You can go to to read more about it, and you can email me directly through the site. They're actually quite affordable (about half as much as replacement windows and ours work much, much better at soundproofing). We're located in Northern California and we do soundproof windows in the Bay Area - all of CA, and NV, actually. Thanks!

Good Questions: Do \"Interior Sound Proof Windows\" Work?
12/8/13 02:39 PM