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As a designer (fashion) I have to disagree with your comment at the beginning of your piece, referring to the relationship fashion designers have with fabric: "Their main relationship with fabric is mainly an aesthetic one whereas mine is more of a utilitarian one. Basically, I look at the fabric in relationship to the piece that I am going to be upholstering".

In my own lines, and those of other designers I know, we base our designs very much on the utilitarian aspects of fabric. Aesthetics are important, yes, but each design must be made with the right kind of fabric, otherwise it won't work. Utility is the first thing most designers (in my humble opinion) think of when choosing a fabric for a design or collection.

As designers our job is to look at the fabric in relationship to the piece we are designing. That's your basic first step in going from the design to construction process.

I hope you aren't offended, I just wanted to point this out to you- fashion design and upholstery aren't that different. We are just upholstering humans, that's all.

p.s. I have been an apartment therapy visitor for years and de-lurked to make this comment. Not sure why that is important BUT IT IS.

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10/30/09 08:13 PM