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Pretty space!

Moving the couch just a tad would work, and you could put a skinny floor lamp on the side toward the patio door to solve the lighting issue. The Tv seems off center, so with everyone's suggestions about moving the couch, I wonder if you will have to rehang the map pix and the TV. Yikes! Personally I would put the TV on the console below it, if you have a stand for it. Much more flexible and you don't have ugly cords hanging down and clutter on the console.

You certainly have space for a slipper chair on the left side of the TV, whether you move it or not. Keep it in scale with your can find nice ones in various colors and patterns at for less than $100. Then I would move the bar cart and stack some neat matching poufs there for crowds.

Also loved the idea of the rocker. They are also small scale and a pair could go on either side of the TV.

Do not succumb to the idea of a large chair!! Scale is your most important challenge and you can easily overwhelm your space with an overscale chair. I always tell clients to measure the available space first. Furniture stores are huge and throw off your feeling for scale, but measurements don't lie.

How To Add Seating Without Cramping Small Space? Good Questions
12/6/13 05:47 PM

How is the finish? If it is something you can restore with a wax, I would just do that. I like the idea of a big round embellished mirror above it. An alternative is to use a rectangular dramatic art piece above it that is at least 30 inches wide and proportionate to the dresser, nothing narrow. If your style is eclectic, I would make that art piece contemporary. I would not center accessories because the structure is so centered and keep them very simple. For example, put a trailing plant in a low profile pot on one of the two drawers and have it trail into the center.

How Do I \"Dress\" Old Dresser? Good Questions
12/6/13 09:17 AM