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Nice, tidy, but a little dark for me, and hits too many trends to actually show real personality, at least for me.

Ken and His Belle of New York House Tour
12/5/13 03:59 PM

Some lovely ideas- though the branches in vases without ornaments look a little 'charlie brown tree' like, but might just be the photo.

10 Simple Christmas Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces
12/5/13 03:55 PM I think this is a better link, urbangranolagirl, especially at the end of the page, when just the chip shows. I think this color has multiple personalities. I think that AT got it right, but then it also shows, as web designers know, that color (un)calibration of monitors influences experience.

Pantone's Color of the Year for 2014!
12/5/13 03:47 PM

Very intersting- does have 2 personalities -pink on first blush, but then really more of a purple. As a purpluvr, pink hatr, I thought it was very pink at first scroll and went immediately away. I thought it very 80's,country country, older ladies of midwest still have that all over their homes, at least the ones I have seen in SW MI. Back then it was paired as 'sophisticated' in fancy offices with gray. Now that gray has been back for awhile, I was waiting for this, though the 2011 color kind of did it. But then on 2nd look, definitely more purple. But a purple with reddish (not blue) undertones. Personally, I can deal, and will use to be on-trend, though it is my least favorite shade of purple, too pink.... :D

Pantone's Color of the Year for 2014!
12/5/13 03:39 PM