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Beautiful! I hope when my son (now three) grows up, he will do nice things like this for me :)

Before & After: Backyard Gate Gets More Glamorous Reddit
6/17/14 07:11 AM

Hi! Yes, the throw is removable. Sometimes it droops down a bit at the top so I was thinking about adding a little invisible tie on, but so far it's been great :)

Before & After: A Brown Bamboo Rocker Gets a Boost!
6/16/14 06:17 PM

That's a great idea! Our baby is already three, but I will definitely take pictures of him reading his little books in the rocker! Thanks so much for your kind words :)

Before & After: A Brown Bamboo Rocker Gets a Boost!
6/16/14 06:16 PM

Hm. That does seem odd. With all the talented bloggers everywhere, you'd think AT would get enough submissions to run a dozen a day. Maybe not?
Anyhoo - lovely update!

Before & After: From Off-White to Bold and Bright
6/5/14 01:04 PM

I love this because it goes way beyond your standard paint job. Kudos!

Before & After: A Dilapidated Dresser Cleans Up Its Act
3/18/14 10:45 AM

Yep! I agree on all points!

Zero Tolerance: Do You Have a Strict \"Shoes Off\" House?
3/14/14 01:13 PM

Dear Apartment Therapy,
Thank you for providing a place for creative individuals to have their work recognized, appreciated and critiqued. However, you know you don't have to publish EVERYTHING that is sent to you, right?

A New Look for an Old Windsor Chair
3/12/14 05:37 PM

Swanky! What time is cocktail hour?!

Before & After: Office Cabinet is All Business Up Front, Then Party in the Back
2/20/14 05:32 PM

Thanks for the post, AT. I'm seriously considering searching for a cleaning lady (or dude!) this year. For us, it would be a well justified expense to free up a few hours (more time for diy projects!). Plus, if I can contribute to the success of a local small business, so much the better!

How to Hire a Professional Housecleaner
1/15/14 12:18 PM

I love the classic, clean lines combined with the bright fun color! Nice work :)

Before & After: A Neutral Credenza Goes Colorful
1/8/14 11:32 AM

Maxwell's interview skills need a little honing...he frequently interrupted Nate's line of thought and he also insulted the book cover (all of which Nate handled graciously)...yesh, awkward :\

An Interview with Nate Berkus April Design Evening
12/23/13 03:51 PM

Fantastic! Love the combination of quirky and sophisticated. It seems like a fun place to hang out with equally fun owners!

Stephen & Antwann's Cool, Clever Home House Tour
12/20/13 12:54 PM

Yes! I personally like having a clean and comfy home for myself. However, I also love to host and I think having a tidy home has created a lot of social opportunities. Our friends and family frequently make impromptu visits and I suspect it's because they know we won't feel on the spot or embarrassed. We're always ready and happy to see them and share our home.

The Key to an Always-Tidy House:
An Open Door Policy

12/12/13 12:52 PM

Love, love, love this home! Bravo!

Bryan & Sarah's Vintage Modern Home & Studio House Tour
12/9/13 12:37 PM

This one from Baxton Studio has the same feel, measures 81 inches long, is under $1200 and has FREE delivery :)


Apartment-Size Sectional Like the West Elm Jackson? Good Questions
12/5/13 12:30 PM