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JD Wolf Pottery, Pigeon Toe, and Vessels and Wares are all my favorites and the last two are in Portland OR. Swoon.

Made in America: Handmade Pottery Shopping Guide
2/27/14 10:24 AM

I am in Portland, OR and we have hardwoods on the main floor. I want a rug for our dining room to give it some warmth and to bring in the room due to its somewhat-open floor plan. However, we are only looking for outdoor/indoor rugs since we have a toddler and his toddler friends are a gaggle of messy kids. Plus, I hate it when something drops from the table (toddler cup, utensil, etc) and it falls hard to the floor.

Are Dining Areas With Rugs Over-Designed, or Functional?
12/5/13 10:22 AM