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I use the cotton/polyester "hotel" shower curtain that costs about $10 from BB&B or Homegoods. Whenever it gets moldy (about every 3 months) I just wash it with soap and bleach and the mold is gone.

Alternatives to Vinyl Shower Curtain Liners (and a Water-Repelling Tip)
2/11/14 12:58 PM

I'm skeptical as well. It's an apartment so it must be connected to other apartments. In 70 years there has never been a pipe burst, water intrusion, or any type of repair that required someone to enter the apartment? Just from a building system/maintenance standpoint it doesn't make any sense.

Discovered After 70 Years: A Stunning, Untouched WWII Era Paris Apartment
1/6/14 09:01 PM

I purchased mine from Smart & Final.

Help Me Find a Heavy-Duty Half Sheet Pan for Alton Brown's Turkey Recipe Good Questions
11/13/13 03:37 PM

I'm surprised no one has mentioned Pink Floyd. I despise it, but my sister makes it for every holiday. Canned cherry pie filling, canned pineapple, marshmallows and cool whip.

Favorite Retro Holiday Foods
11/13/13 03:36 PM

Without a doubt ricer!

Survey: What's Your Mashed Potato Technique?
11/23/11 02:58 PM

My favorite go-to hostess gift is a package of coffee or tea. Even if the host/hostess doesn't drink it, it's always something you should have on hand for guests.

10 Gifts Anyone Can Use
11/15/11 08:20 PM

My Mom has the same set of pyrex bowls! I too am fortunate that my parents still live in my childhood home (their LA home of 54 years!). One of the things I have asked my Mom for is that set of pyrex bowls. While pink is not my style, they bring back incredible memories of cooking in my parents' kitchen.

Coming Home to My Mother's Kitchen
11/10/11 01:38 PM

My mother taught me this trick. I take the napkins out of the washer and paste the wet napkins onto a clean window or the shower wall (I have marble shower walls). I just smooth out the wrinkles and then just peel them off when they are dry.

Table Tip: Fold Your Napkins Right Out of the Dryer!
5/10/11 02:55 PM

Cakes freeze amazingly well. My mother always had a carrot cake and a tub of cream cheese frosting in the freezer for last minute desserts.

Do You Make Dessert Ahead of Time? 5 Recipes to Make and Freeze Now
4/25/11 06:04 PM

Many people have suggested flowers, which can be a great gift - especially if they are from your garden. It is important to know that it is poor etiquette to bring a wrapped bouquet of flowers as a hostess gift. It inconveniences the host/hostess as they will have to dig around the house to find a vase and arrange the flowers in front of their guests. If you are going to bring flowers make sure to arrange them in a vase or even a mason jar.

Help! I Need a Host Gift Suitable for a Food Professional
Good Questions

3/24/11 03:06 PM

@Heathery - I'm you heat your deviled eggs? I've never had warm deviled eggs.

Best Way To Bring Potsticker Dumplings To a Party?
Good Questions

3/9/11 05:28 PM

Here's a "hack" that I learned during my cater waiter days. It involves items readily available at Home Depot.
Space 2 glass blocks about 8" apart and balance a piece of marble tile on top. Place a sterno between the glass blocks. The sterno keep the tile warm without burning it. It's great for keeping skewered meats, spring rolls, potstickers, etc. warm.

Best Way to Keep a Pupu Platter Warm Throughout a Luau?
Good Questions

2/2/11 12:22 PM

I've heard several people complain that her recipes don't turn out well, but I have always had great success.

What I really appraciate about Martha's shows is she showcases some amazing chefs and bakers from all over the world.

Martha Bakes: Martha Stewart's New TV Show
1/28/11 02:23 PM

I am cooking Bouef bourguinon for 27 people. I am cooking it tomorrow and will re-heat it for Christmas Day dinner.

Which Christmas Dinner Dishes Can I Make Ahead?
Good Questions

12/23/10 06:33 PM

I made cheese straws (the type that are extruded with a cookie press) for my non-sweets-loving friends. Paula Deen has a recipe that's similar to mine. My friends have all raved about them. A nice alternative to all the cookies.

Suggestions for Non-Sweet Holiday Food Gifts?
Good Questions

12/21/10 02:18 PM

How about the famous Crack Pie? I've made it several times in bar form instead of the round pie form.

Looking for Slab Pie Recipe Recommendations
Good Questions

10/22/10 03:29 PM

I have the exact same one! Love it! Use it all the time for short ribs, bouef bourguignon, no-knead bread, etc.

I've been waiting for a sale at Macy's to buy another one.

Good Product: Martha Stewart Dutch Oven
10/22/10 03:28 PM

I bought the plastic storage rack that Cuisinart sells. I mounted it inside my cabinet. No worries about breaking the stems and it's easy to find the blade I'm looking for.

Do You Have Any Tips for Storing Food Processor Blades? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
6/29/10 12:13 PM

I keep the shake the pot when the popcorn just starts to sizzle, then I leave the lead slightly ajar. I use coconut oil and Orville Reddenbacher - never have more than a couple of unpopped kernels.

BTW - does anybody else call the unpopped kernels "Old Maids"? My friends laugh when I say that, but that's what I grew up calling them.

Popcorn Popping Tip: Try Leaving the Lid Ajar | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
6/23/10 02:05 PM

They are called "Hollywood Driveways" out here in California.

Old-Fashioned Ribbon Driveways | Apartment Therapy Boston
6/18/10 07:07 PM