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Intelligentsia's Decaf Librarians Blend is amazing. Everything Intelligentsia roasts is amazing!

What Is the Best Decaffeinated Coffee?
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2/9/11 01:08 PM

I use this tea pot everyday. I just leave the tea in the strainer and use it the next morning or few mornings depending on how many brews I should get from that tea. Plus, it is so inexpensive and perfect for one big cup or 2 small cups of tea.

The Hario Teapot: Six Reasons Why This is My Favorite!
2/9/11 01:05 PM

Is there anything like this in chicago? I'd love this!

Common Thread Studio Store Profile | Apartment Therapy Los Angeles
7/8/10 04:37 PM

where did you get those back splash tiles from?

Shevon's Kitchen Renovation Before After | Apartment Therapy Chicago
3/4/10 01:10 PM

I ordered some chairs from there, the Macau chair (looks like a knock off of the Jonathan Adler chairs you see everywhere). We'll they delivered them to the wrong address, and they were all damaged when I got them. I had to deny delivery to send them back without it costing me any money, which was difficult as these huge chairs were left on the front stoop of my door (the wrong home, they were supposed to go to my new place as I was moving). They refunded my money, but didn't have any other chairs to replace them so I was SOL on the design I was going for. They also refused to give me the same price on another color of chair.
Originally when I ordered them (4 chairs) my order went through, then they only had 2 left and shipped me 2 without notifying me (what am I going to do with only 2 dining chairs) that they were out of them.

So no I did not have a pleasant experience with them, but I know no one else that has ordered from them.

I haven't tried to order from them since.

Thoughts on Ballard Designs Quality? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
1/13/10 07:09 PM

I have one of those 12 in. cube organizers in my closet (like from target or IKEA) with 12 cubes. Each cube gets a bag. I have about 12 bags. This way I can leave the dust bag in the cubes while the purses are out and one cube holds smaller bags, like clutches etc.

Purse Storage Solutions? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy Chicago
12/1/09 07:19 PM

I keep them in the guest room closet. When guests come they dont use the whole thing, but I move them out to the laundry. The guest room is just on the same floor as most of the cleaning!

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Where is the Best Place to Store Cleaning Supplies? The Fall 2009 Kitchen Cure
11/5/09 03:12 PM

My husband and I spent forever looking for the best toaster/convection oven. THIS IS IT. We almost never use our GE full size oven because this little guy can do everything. Totally worth the price, and I don't often spend a lot of money on things like this.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Product Review: Breville Smart Oven
10/30/09 03:23 PM