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As a law student in a very difficult program and someone with a full-time job, I was hesitant to get a dog, but I eventually made the decision to get a low maintenance dog. I was torn between a pug and a greyhound because I had heard so many good things about them as apartment dogs. My fiance made the choice by saying there was no way he'd be seen with a purse dog in public, so I adopted a lovely black and white greyhound named Willow. Choosing Willow was the best decision I have ever made. She "studies" with me and is contend with two half hour walks a day and a just for fun lure coursing club on Saturdays. I had only one problem with her when I first got her. She "fetched" the DVD player for me which is why we started lure coursing. I would suggest looking into a greyhound to anyone who wants a relaxed pal.

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10/30/09 03:06 PM