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Wonderful use of space. Great color and style. Cooper and Keegan are adorbs.

Abby's Fabled South End Townhouse House Tour
7/7/14 05:06 PM


James' Beautifully Handcrafted Apartment in Clinton Hill House Tour
3/25/14 12:43 PM

HEATHER -- high school buddy, your place looks great! So happy to see you here.

Heather's Sunny San Francisco Space House Tour
3/5/14 02:13 PM

Cute pup! Congratulations on the rescue.

I agree with CanadianMango, insatiable thirst may be a sign of kidney issues. I would get this checked out, just in case!

At Home With Charlies, Debbie, and Doby Apartment Therapy Readers & Their Pets
12/23/13 11:59 AM

I grew up in an Eichler too. My parents still have it, and every time I go home to visit I dream of all the interior decorating I can do in it.

Growing up Eichler: Steve Jobs and His Childhood Home

10/30/11 10:26 PM

Very nice and clean, not cluttered. Love the paint choice in the family room, and the color of the crib. Well done!

Rich & Emily's Somerville Surprise
House Tour

8/24/11 08:42 AM

Great idea for people that move abroad or start in a new city very far away.

Casulo: Furnished Room In A Box
Space Saving Furniture

8/22/11 08:54 AM

Fun! Love the kitchen cabinet idea!

Georgia's Wonderful Wichita Home
House Call

7/22/11 02:50 PM

Hoarders the TV show.

What Inspires You to Clean?
7/18/11 03:10 PM

Love the tile in the bathroom, fun!

Lynette & Cameron's Two Story Loft
House Call

7/6/11 03:24 PM

The naked baby is adorbs, the naked lady in the second pic ... not so much.

Harry & Miriam's Artistic Creative Spaces
7/5/11 10:11 AM

I use an expedit as a room divider in my studio, where I have no over head lighting. I bought some table lamps from Ikea and put them on top of it, and they light up my whole space. I also put up three large visually interesting candle holders. It's sparse, not cluttered and functional.

What To Put On Top Of EXPEDIT Unit?
Good Questions

5/26/11 08:09 AM

Shelter Island is one of my favorite places! It's just so cool, thanks for sharing!

An Ultra-Bright Escape on Shelter Island

5/20/11 08:26 AM

Where can I find a coverlet like that? I absolutely love it!

Vintage Vibes In This Month's Covet Garden
5/19/11 10:06 AM

Great furniture!

Christine's Perfect Location
4/27/11 08:42 AM

Great wall colors, I wish the photos showed more of the actual space.

Michaele's Good Energy
4/27/11 08:41 AM

Very sweet.

Dan & Becca's Vintage Character
4/27/11 08:39 AM

Oh my the dogs pose in that one photo is just amazing. Love it!

Lorena & Ryan's Retro Inspired Condo
House Tour

4/19/11 08:50 AM

Hi absygirl, You can actually find that head board at a lot of different online retailers. I got the best price on target.com. But, its also sold on urbanoutfitters.com.

Rebecca's Warm & Welcoming Home
4/16/11 07:31 PM

Great use of space, you've really put a lot of thought and work into it. The closet with the desk and curtain are brilliant. Good luck!

Liz's Light Off Lake Michigan
4/15/11 09:21 AM