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Hi everyone,

I was so excited to see over 60 comments on my project—and then I read them and realized they were mostly about bedroom plants and not about the project :-(

Still, there were some questions in the thread and here are some answers:

1. Plant: Yes, it’s real, a ficus of some variety. I’m still alive despite sleeping with it for about 2 years. My place was built in 1927 and I can assure you it is far from air-tight—plenty of ways for oxygen to get into the room.

2. Costs: The cost was $200: $100 for the lifts, $100 for the bunky board (the platform). I had the 2x4s, screws, etc. so I don’t include that in the supply list.

3. Bed: The bed is a fantastic steal from at only $588 (Jillian Upholstered Queen Bed)—plus I think I found a good promo code that knocked off a few bucks.

4. Time: Yep, 30 hours is way too much. The biggest problem was finding those dang hydraulic lifts (they are everywhere in the UK, but hard to locate in the US) . Now you have the source so knock 15 hours of planning off the estimate!

5. Lifts: I used the Heavy Double lifts for the bed after estimating the weight. I was a bit worried that they wouldn’t be sufficient for a queen mattress (and about 17 pillows) but they are more than enough—absolutely no problem!

6. Duvet: This was the question I expected (not the plants!). The duvet is from Bed Bath & Beyond—the “Kas Penny Duvet Cover”.

7. Vodka: Best drunk and not sprayed

8. Auto parts store: I thought the auto store would have hydraulic lifts because I’d seen them used in truck bed storage boxes—but the weight limits were too low and I wasn’t sure they would attach properly.

Small Space Bedroom Hack: Queen Bed Gains Extra Storage
12/4/13 12:24 AM