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I view the whole decorating thing as whether it is convenient and easy to use. How about a couple of side tables to place at both ends of the couch (maybe those beautiful drums with a piece of glass on them or no glass if the top is very firm)? And lamps on those side tables. The wall behind the couch definitely needs a focal point. If you have a bunch of photos (let's say you traveled a lot or you have a hobby of sorts like photography or hiking and you have photos of it), you can frame them and place them on the wall behind the couch. I would choose frames that complement the colors of your furniture. (BTW, I love the colors on your couch and chairs, but I would choose different pillows, maybe something with geometric pattern). A coffee table with a couple of beautiful books would be nice. Or your favorite magazines or newspapers. Another option for the wall behind the couch would be to find a simple canvas and paint it with some acrylic paint in any style you want. I have a free canvas painting above my couch that I picked up from the entrance of my building, when somebody was throwing it away. Very abstract, and everybody asks what it is. My friends say that they would never think of hanging something like that, but - according to them - it works well with my decor. So, be open-minded. Maybe try framing beautiful paper (there was an article on Apartment Therapy recently about that), or hang a fabric or even a beautiful and new rug. In Russia, where I am from, many people use large oriental rugs for wall decoration, and it makes the room warmer. On the wall to the left of the couch, I would place a poster or a portrait shaped painting. On the floor near the couch, you probably need some rug. It does not have to be heavy. You should probably choose your rug depending on the climate you live in: if you live in a cold climate, the rug should provide warmth and be fairly thick, if you live near a beach, it would make sense that the rug is rough, sand colored and has holes that let the sand particles fall through, etc. Make sure that the rug's edges go a little bit under the couch and chairs. That is the "bon ton" of decorating.
Now, in regards to the wall, where your suit cases are, it seems like you need something there. Maybe some shelving or just a corner shelving unit (to place where the drum is on the picture). And place another lamp there. Maybe standing lamp. And an occasional chair, which should not match your couch by color, but rather correspond with the style.
Depending on where the sun shines in your apartment, it makes sense to place a large mirror in a beautiful frame either on the wall next to the dining table or on the opposite wall. It will reflect the light and make the room brighter. If you don't do photographs behind the couch, you could do those on the wall by the dining table, but not both. Also, a nice bulletin board is alway an option for that wall. You could rotate your pictures on there and place other items on it, such as holiday cards you received.

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Every once in a while I see one of them. Never more than one. On one particularly damp day last year, we found 1 in our bed and 1 my son's bed. That seriously creeped us out. But we did not really do anything to fight them, since they do not harm us in any way and in general are not visible for months.

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