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Cute ideas! I like giving little home items - nothing expensive - a mug or candle, like these:

Stocking Stuffers (that Aren't Socks) Small Gifts Guide
12/19/13 08:37 PM

I'd also add game nights, catching up on reading by the fire and...organizing. Maybe because it's close to the new year, but I always end up organizing something in my house in Dec.

Enjoy the Holidays at Home: 9 Things to Do Around the House Just for Fun
12/11/13 12:40 AM

Great tips. I would also suggest shopping through rebates sites if you're trying to save money (which you can use all the time, not just cyber monday). You only get back about 5-10% back on each purchase, but it starts to add up! More details are here, for those interested:

5 Easy Ways to Get the Best Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals
12/6/13 07:31 PM

Catchphrase is great, but my current favorite is Salad Bowl. It's sort of like taboo and charades combined and you don't need to buy anything - just need paper and pens! (If anyone's interested in instructions, they're here:

10 Always Entertaining Party Games
12/3/13 10:58 PM