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I don't like the aftertaste of flaxseed. But I've never seen chia seeds over here in Belgium.

The Pleasures of Chia Seeds & Flax Seeds: Which Do You Eat More Frequently?
4/5/12 06:48 PM

Just a comment on the Built bag in the picture: it doesn't keep my lunches cool at all.

Work a Swing Shift? 4 Tips for Eating Lunch at Odd Hours
3/12/12 06:39 PM

Please, include some lighter breakfast recipes in this week too! Love eggs, but my stomach doesn't support them in the morning.

15 Quick, Easy & Make-Ahead Breakfasts
Recipe Roundup

3/5/12 02:41 PM

Iced hibiscus tea ('jamaica flower tea'). You can make it as sweet as you like. 101 cookbooks has a recipe for it, but it's just jamaica flowers, water and sugar.

Ideas for Fun Non-Alcoholic Party Drinks?
Dinner Party Questions

2/14/12 04:47 PM

Risotto, pesto, hummus, beetroot hummus, lasagne, minestrone, dressings & mayo, quiches. When I add a salad to my repertoire, I often check the recipe once, then let intuition take over. These are all dishes I think you don't really need a recipe for, because they can't really go wrong. But maybe that's just because they go well with the way I cook.

Which Recipes Do You Know By Heart?
1/23/12 02:34 PM

Tiger bread rolls are Belgian! At least, that's what I want them to be. Favourite Sunday brunch item, over here.

Tiger Bread & Turtle Cookies
Delicious links for 3.4.2011

3/4/11 11:23 AM

Puff pastry, chapatis.

How To Month! What Do You Want To Learn?
2/1/11 07:15 PM

Really worth it's value. Although it doesn't do everything a food processor does.
Over here in Belgium, practically every household owns an immersion blender; whereas food processors are more a foodie thing.

Immersion Blenders: Should You Buy One?
1/5/11 06:31 PM

Celery is great in tomato sauce. Add (vegetarian) meatballs!

Help! I Don't Like Raw Celery. How Should I Cook It?
Good Questions

12/10/10 04:34 PM

I love my blue&white dishes, but I find it hard to find matching (complementary?) tablecloths. Anything to recommend?

Blue & White Tabletops: Always a Classic
11/18/10 08:15 PM

beet + horseradish + smoked trout = winner

Purple, Gold, and Candy-Striped: 8 Fresh Takes on Beets
8/27/10 04:31 PM

I know it's delicious, I love The Kitchn, but let's stop promoting tuna salad, for the sake of an endangered species.

Lunch Recipe: Crisp Tuna-Cabbage Salad
8/26/10 05:29 PM

What about making soy yoghurt or other non-dairy yoghurt at home. Same basics?

How to Make Yogurt at Home
8/23/10 05:10 PM

I think all of you will love The Settler's Cookbook by Yasmin Alibhai-Brown. Witty, intelligent, moving, inspirational. (And some good recipes!)

Best Summer Food Books
8/5/10 08:26 PM

Just stop buying it and you'll find out that you really don't need it.

Survey: Do You Use Bleach in the Kitchen? | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
7/16/10 02:30 PM

Chutney: spicy and fun to make - you can be very creative.

What Are Some Non-Jam Ways to Preserve Fresh Fruit? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
7/7/10 05:58 PM

'Rick Stein's Far Eastern Odyssey', that is. Apart from the title being hard to remember, it's a really great cookbook.

What Are Your Favorite Cookbooks for International Food? | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
7/6/10 04:35 PM

Wait... It's actually called 'Rick Stein's Far Eastern Journey'. :-)

What Are Your Favorite Cookbooks for International Food? | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
7/6/10 04:33 PM

Rick Stein Goes East!

What Are Your Favorite Cookbooks for International Food? | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
7/6/10 04:30 PM

Why don't you try it with a little bit of food, so you can be sure? If it still tastes bad, you can throw it away without feeling guilty.

Should I Use These Flavored Yet Bitter Salts? Good Questions | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
6/30/10 04:53 PM