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Yeah, this looks like a 1950s repro to me. It's a pretty common style, I see dressers like this one frequently on craigslist and in secondhand stores, so all the wood lovers should be able to find their own unpainted versions with a little effort.

The after looks great. Love the color and the flat matte finish. I like the new knobs too, the relief design echos all the carved details on the dresser.

Before & After: A Dated Dresser Gets a Facelift
8/19/13 04:21 PM

I DO NOT recommend the Restoration Hardware linen sheets. First, it took me months to even receive them (ever-changing out-of-stock/ship dates, wrong merchandise sent, charging my credit card incorrect amounts and not refunding, and unbelievably horrible customer service!)

Second, the quality is lacking. One sheet developed numerous small holes after less than a week of use. Another's color has faded significantly and unevenly after only a few washes. I've babied these $$$ sheets and it looks like they won't even last a year.

Perfect for Summertime Sleeping: 5 Sources for Linen Bedding
7/3/13 08:20 PM

I did it this way too (frames first, art later). I had some smallish art already in frames and knew I wanted to do a gallery wall, but I didn't have quite enough ready to go that it wouldn't have looked dinky hanging only what I had. So the art sat unhung and the wall blank for the longest time.

But once I decide to add some empty frames into the mix to be filled later, I was finally able to get over the hump and get everything hung. I too chose larger standard size frames that were able to accomodate a wide variety of print sizes. They were empty for a little while, but even with some empty frames, the whole gallery wall looked way better than a blank wall. And I had frames all ready to go for new art, instead of the usual art hidden away waiting forever to be framed. The empty frames gave me the push to get the project done.

How To Create a Gallery Wall on a Budget
5/3/13 01:51 PM

Yeah, I too have that same bentwood table... from Target. $59.99, I believe is what I paid.

On The Side: Knoll, Stump & Rattan Tables The Tuesday Afternoon Scavenger
2/6/13 06:24 PM

Seeing as Corey Haim had a pretty tragic life and is now dead, I'd argue that one's not very fun :( And I'd give some serious side eye to any "friend" telling me I was the Haim to their Feldman.

Designy Valentines for Your Besties
2/3/13 08:46 PM

The accordian valentine is really cute but... if anyone here makes that themselves, I'd recommend flipping the deer around to face the opposite direction. The comma looks like a poop.

Creative Handmade Valentines
1/18/13 02:55 PM

"The large and light feeling of the bathroom was achieved by..." moving walls and doubling the size of the room.

Before & After: A Modern Bathroom Update in the West Village
12/13/12 07:10 PM

-Remove all evidence of cat. Patch the cat door hole and paint the door either the new wall color like robotropolis suggested, or paint it brown to better match the wood trim (I used to live in a place where all the trim was wood except one doorway that was painted brown to match and it was a pretty effective trick). If you can't seamlessly patch the hole from the cat door, I'd replace the door. If you replace the door, replace it with a wood-toned one. It's that white door's fault that the wood trim looks out of place.

-Properly fix the moldy area.

-Clean like crazy.

-Paint the walls a light warm grey that goes with the flooring.

-If the house is going to be unoccupied, consider getting rid of that stove altogether. You can ask your realtor if this is a good idea. A missing appliance might be less of a turnoff than a nasty one that obviously doesn't fit properly in its space because of the wonky gasline (and it will save you the time and energy it would take to clean that thing).

How To Freshen Up This Kitchen in Preparation For Selling? Good Questions
12/13/12 06:54 PM

Oh, also how 99% of refrigerators are just kind of stuck inside some misfitted cabinet/refrigerator surround. People spend 20-30+ grand on their new kitchen and the refrigerator looks like an afterthought. I know built-in fridges are pricey and have their own set of issues, but there must be a better solution??

What's Your Design Pet Peeve?
6/20/12 04:15 PM

Travertine bathrooms. Or any beige stone/faux stone tiled bathroom. They just look dingy, and so generically-Home Depot.

And BB&B/TJ Maxx/Hobby Lobby style art.I don't like word art telling me to breathe or dream or love, and I hate those creepy cartoony chef kitchen prints (the ones with the tiny heads and big pear-shaped bodies). But mostly I hate the color palette of that art. The colors are so muddy and unappealing -- browns, gross beiges, dirty oranges, too dark reds -- the "old world Tuscan" palette I guess. This carries over to a lot of the decorative items (throw pillows, etc) sold in those stores and that most non-design-blog-reading people put in their homes.

What's Your Design Pet Peeve?
6/20/12 04:09 PM

I used to work at IKEA long long ago, and MOPPE actually predates FIRA. FIRA was a downgrade, so if they're switching back to MOPPE, that's great.

MOPPEs had better/more styles of drawer configurations, they came already assembled, they had those nice dove-tailed corners, the backside of the drawers were solid (no finger cut-out pulls) so you could turn the drawers around and add your own knob or pull. They were also a little bit shallower than the FIRA.

Before & After: From IKEA Basic to a Vintage-Look Card Catalog The Painted Hive
5/10/12 04:43 PM

If there's one thing I've learned from watching Hoarders, it's this: where there are live cats, there are dead cats too.

If there's that many cats spilling over into your yard, then there's probably even more cats in her house. Unvaccinated, unneutered, uncared for. I don't think citrus or a sprinkler is gonna be anything more than putting a tiny bandaid on a giant wound.

And the cat problem is likely only the first wave of suck for you as her neighbor. You could be dealing with overwhelming odors and roach infestations that cross from her property to yours at the very least in the near future. The cats are probably keeping vermin at bay, but if the hoard's filling her backyard that's another issue you'll be dealing with and could end up in your house. Mice/rats/etc can carry all sorts of disease, and depending on what part of the country you live in, they can even carry the plague. The plague! Another thing to seriously worry about is house fire.

Sorry to be so alarmist, but having a hoarding neighbor can be a very dangerous thing for you. I don't think you can afford to not get involved. It's mental illness. It's not going to fix itself, it's only gonna get worse.

Ideas For Dealing with Neighbor's Cats?
Good Questions

3/23/12 09:23 PM

The paint job on the dining room chairs is so clever.

Sam & Anne's Colorful Modern Mix
House Tour

1/21/12 01:57 PM

Howard's RestoraFinish would be easier than sanding, stripping or painting. It comes in a number of different tints. I usually use the walnut color, which is one of the mid-range colors, and that darkens most wood a shade or two. You could try the dark walnut or ebony, those two are the darkest tints but not always easy to find in stores. The key is to rub it on with 0000 steel wool rather than just a rag.

Love The Lines, But How To Change the Color?
Good Questions

11/10/11 01:33 PM

Shorpy has great vintage dog photographs. You can buy prints or download the high-res files to print yourself:

These are my favorites:

Doggone It: 8 Prints & Posters Featuring Dogs
5/12/11 02:36 PM

I've never really got the whole unsanitary thing. What do you all think people are doing with books/magazines in the bathroom that makes it so gross? Because, to my knowledge, it works like this: sit on toilet with reading material, do your business, put said book or magazine back down on shelf, wipe, pull up pants, wash hands, leave bathroom with or without the reading material.

The book never gets touched with dirty hands. So it's more sanitary than the toilet handle or your pants. No one goes through a Silkwood-esque decontamination chamber on their way out of a bathroom. All those pants-touching germs are left free to wreak havoc on the outside world!!

Bookshelves in the Bathroom
5/11/11 02:15 PM

The bed is a face in photo 28:

Anyone else see that? Pillows as eyes, footboard as smile, bedposts & tree mural as some kind of crazy antenna/antlers!

Uptown Glamour at Manhattan House by Celerie Kemble
Showhouse Tour

3/4/11 06:27 PM


Chad Rogers' Modern, Pet Friendly Condo
House Tour

2/8/11 09:38 PM

I would swag the cord, either with a chain or a cover in a light color.

I would also get a ceiling medallion. You can get super-lightweight foam ones pretty inexpensively:

Tack it up with a few finishing nails or even double-sided tape. It will anchor the whole chandelier, make it look like it belongs rather than just something you've got hanging from a tiny little hook. I did this with a plug-in drum pendant and it makes a world of difference.

How To Cover Chandelier Cord?
Good Question

1/30/11 01:38 PM

I would add "shop around" -- many sites are dropshippers or at least source from the same manufacturers, and you can find the exact item for sale at many places for as many different prices.

Area rugs are a prime example. Pretty much any rug at HomeDecorators or even Overstock can be found cheaper elsewhere online, often significantly cheaper. And always remember to search for coupon codes for the site you're buying from.

The Dos and Don'ts of Online Furniture Shopping
1/13/11 06:00 PM