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I've always been adamant about not doing cleanses but this year I had made a mental goal to be back to my pre-baby body by my daughters first birthday (February 5th) so January was a great time to reset my system and switch up my eating habits. I'm doing 30 Days of Paleo - and I don't hate it! The first couple of days were rough, I was head achy and exhausted but I'm on day 7 and I feel really good and am actually enjoying it!

Are You Doing a Food Cleanse or Detox in January?
1/7/14 05:08 PM

Love these, especially the cat eye mask - totally adorable!

10 Stylish Essentials for Holiday Travel
12/18/13 12:48 AM

yummy that looks so good! I may have to start swapping one dinner a week for a cheese plate!

How I Assemble a Simple Cheese Board
12/18/13 12:43 AM