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Happy Birthday, AT! You've been a great source of ideas and envy for me for many of those years. Thank you!

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5/22/14 11:08 PM

Hyzen, we've bought those outdoor kids chairs at Toys 'R' Us in various colours.

Before & After: Family-Friendly Deck
8/1/12 01:26 PM

We have the Crane "Thomas" humidifier, which my son loves because the mist comes out of Thomas's funnel, just like it should from a steam engine. However, our first one broke, and now the replacement one is making a loud grinding noise as well. Sigh.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Good Questions: Looking for a Humidifier
5/28/08 07:59 PM

We had the same problem, also the roof line slopes in the spot we needed to put the wardrobe, so we had to have something a little shorter. The Robin wardrobe from Ikea worked great for us. I added another clothes rail to it, some hooks inside the door, and changed the door knobs. It's also very easy for a two-year-old to open himself.

Apartment Therapy ohdeedoh | Good Questions: No Closet in the Nursery?
3/7/08 11:01 AM

I have the sticky labels for sippy cups, and they've been great--many, many times through the dishwasher later. And when I've needed to remove them, they aren't hard to get off.

My only complaint is that the luggage/backpack tag only has the name on the one side, and it flips around all the time to the blank side.

Apartment Therapy - Mabel's Labels
8/30/07 12:42 PM