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I think that amount is not for just one chair. Kim did mention that it is a 'set'. Not sure how many in a set, but I doubt that all 1000ft of bungee cord is only for 1.

I remember my childhood with lounge chairs styled like this at my grandparents' place. They were very comfortable. Sure they unraveled with time, but they were fab.

Before & After: A Bold Banquet Chair Upgrade
1/25/14 02:36 PM

That bench demands attention in that room with the view. It works well with the table and the rest of the room too. Great job!

Before & After: White IKEA SIGURD Bench Gets a Colorful Makeover Likes of Us
12/11/13 01:20 PM

What a great transformation. Kudos to you and your husband.

Before & After: Toppled Chair Becomes Table for Two
12/9/13 02:37 PM

I'm completely befuddled by the fact that the Sydney Opera House was beaten by the Chrysler Building despite it winning in the vote. Such an American I centric notion of design...

Innovators & Icons of Design: Round Two Presented by Dyson
12/6/13 04:25 PM