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I was raised in a very messy house, but with strict parents who shouted at me to clean my room. firstly, I froze, because I didn't know "how" to clean things since I never had exposure to how it works. But I wanted to please my parents, and learned from the outside world, school, tv, friends and tips along the way how to make places for things, and to organize. It took my whole childhood to figure it out, and how to fit into their mess and follow their contradictory rules! I had to be clean, with little space to do it, because I was surrounded by their clutter, squashed in the corner. I left, and live in a beautiful apartment, decorated to reflect who I am creatively, and yet very organized and clean. I only have a mess when I am so busy that I just have everything out and am using it. but I can't begin a project unless I've cleaned up the mess or other previous projects. then I have a clear canvass again. I have found my memory being less sharp with age, and now I must keep things in their places or I'll be inefficiently looking around for them. I don't think when you see a person with a messy looking desk is disorganized. they have everyone out on the surface in "sight", and it's convenient therefore they are able to produce. Just like a person building a house is going to have their tools out or strapped to them may not look pretty pretty pretty, but it's utilitarian and they can work! If they brought drawers with them to work, it would be weird! If they climbed down from the ladder after each nail, and put the hammer into a drawer in a certain spot...and then climbed back up the ladder, pulled out a nail and put it into place, and then walked down the ladder, opened the drawer, got out the hammer again, walked back up, nailed the nail, and walked back down again...certainly they would show they are not LAZY! but it would be ridiculous. and certainly it would look TIDY, but it would be really inefficient! So after the home is built, then the workers put all their tools back into cases and into the truck all neat and leave. It's the same with people in a house...some people are so fluid in what they do, that they figure why put it away when I'm just going to use it in 2 more minutes? But I'd say, people who leave out dirty dishes, instead of tucking them into the dishwasher, or sink, people who don't want to put dirty socks into a laundry hamper, people who refuse to flush a toilet...why not let all the waste pile up and stink all at once instead of wasting water flushing over and over...are in fact NOT creative...they are slobs. If they are constantly working and really there is no space inbetween to put things away, they are highly immersed, like Einstein, then I can see how being messy might look associated with creativity...I'd say it's a product of it, but there really is no excuse for it. They can set a time apart to focus on putting away things. To make a neat desk instead of a scattered one. Notice how I am not worshipping Einstein. Is it possible that his creativity would have altered if he were tidy? Like instead of making an invention that would cause mass destruction, he could have invented something that caused mass organization? Just a reflection.

The Messy Myth: Is Being Organized Really Always Best?
11/28/13 01:32 PM