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I'm really disappointed to see this too. I had to check the calendar to make sure it didn't say April 1st.

What Kim Kardashian Taught Me About Life
7/25/14 02:38 PM

AT is my favourite blog. I share, mention and read it more than anything else on the internet.

I'm disappointed to see the Kardashians mentioned in a post. It really has nothing to do with AT or what I love about it.

I love the organic, fresh, inspiring ideas I find on this site. The DIY projects, house tours and people with a cool sense of style. I don't think the Kardashians represent any of these things and I'm really struggling to see why they belong on AT other than to ride their name in hopes to attract new visitors to the site.

What Kim Kardashian Taught Me About Life
7/25/14 02:36 PM

I love all the plants in the house. Really makes it feel warm.

Adam's Modern, Plant-Filled Portland Home House Call
3/9/14 04:25 PM

Love this place!

Esthera and Gus's Bohemian Abode House Tour
2/1/14 02:04 PM

Does that matter? I just said I liked the 3rd picture best.

Get the Look: Modern Ski Chalet Shoppers Guide
1/24/14 11:12 AM

Really love this! Great job and nice find.

Before & After: Sarah Saves a MCM Sidetable
1/24/14 11:11 AM

I like the 3rd picture best. The wood is what I think of when I see a chalet. It adds so much warmth to the room.

I think the all white in the main room was a really bad decision. Maybe in another type of home it would look okay, but it just looks so cold and vacant. I would like it much better I think if the wood was still kept there too.

Get the Look: Modern Ski Chalet Shoppers Guide
1/22/14 05:03 PM

I really like the window/book coffee table as well. Cool idea!

Before & After: Create a 'Bedroom' in a Studio Apartment with Ikea Panels
12/3/13 10:18 AM