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I love all the plants in the house. Really makes it feel warm.

Adam's Modern, Plant-Filled Portland Home House Call
3/9/14 04:25 PM

Love this place!

Esthera and Gus's Bohemian Abode House Tour
2/1/14 02:04 PM

Does that matter? I just said I liked the 3rd picture best.

Get the Look: Modern Ski Chalet Shoppers Guide
1/24/14 11:12 AM

Really love this! Great job and nice find.

Before & After: Sarah Saves a MCM Sidetable
1/24/14 11:11 AM

I like the 3rd picture best. The wood is what I think of when I see a chalet. It adds so much warmth to the room.

I think the all white in the main room was a really bad decision. Maybe in another type of home it would look okay, but it just looks so cold and vacant. I would like it much better I think if the wood was still kept there too.

Get the Look: Modern Ski Chalet Shoppers Guide
1/22/14 05:03 PM

I really like the window/book coffee table as well. Cool idea!

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12/3/13 10:18 AM