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Thanks to all for the kind words, I'm truly humbled and appreciative - to reply to a few comments/questions:
*yep - thats storage around the fridge
*art work is mostly original abstract mid cent pieces signed by un named artists (Italy, Brazil, CA, NY)
*hallway acrylic slider door was done by a local PHX artist friend, her name is Lori Fen
*kitchen stools are Vista of CA iron & mahogany
*much of the interior physical condo was designed by a local PHX friend Mack Ketcham, I handled the exterior and interior furniture/art
*I acquired much of the furniture from a collector friend in San Diego CA, his name is Fred Bowen
*yes, converting the complex from tuscan back to modern was a long 6yr process, but very glad it was completed!
*fireplace in an original electric Malm/preway
*bed/dresser is by United Furniture, original walnut MC pieces
*that is a bbq grill outside, made by BBQ Grillware, purchased some years ago, not sure if still available
*complex is called Arcadia Courtyards, its in the Arcadia neighborhood of Phoenix, aprox 38th st and Indian School Rd
-----Cheers, and happy holidays!

Jevon's Transformed Condo House Tour
12/14/13 12:57 PM

its the Arcadia neighborhood

Jevon's Transformed Condo House Tour
12/14/13 12:25 PM