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Here's our DIY for Cocoa mix that lasts a part of the winter. We usually make in a double batch. (Since snide remarks from gourmets and/or purists are not necessary, ...just let it be and let us all enjoy sharing fun!)

Single batch: 2 cups Hershey's cocoa; 10 qt. pkg. of dry milk (12 cups); 1 lb. jar Pream (4 cups); 4 cups white sugar (original recipe); pinch cinnamon (to taste); pinch salt. (We now do a blend of sugar and Splenda, for dietary needs).

Sift together "a thousand times". It does mean using your largest casserole to mix, then we stored in a coffee or Swiss mix can. Put 2 heaping TBsp. into cup, add H2O and marshmallows or whatever. Keeps forever, or for part of a cold winter, until we get to sift up a new batch!

(Since snide remarks from the gourmets, purists and/or chemists are not necessary....just let it be... and let us enjoy the sharing.)

Do It Yourself: 10 Things to Make Instead of Buy
5/27/14 08:41 AM

Storing the box of trashbags in the bin bottom is simply ingenious! It'll always be there when it gets emptied, not hogging space (as it is now on my Lazy Susan). The Susan bears a lot of awkward objects (today's other new thread) but the trashbag box is the worst!
Recently started making changes based on the concept of what really works where and are natural go-togethers, thanks to reading AT. The photo of the raised shelf for small appliances is my next plan of attack! I've done a good job on the spice storage, although will next do a separation into sweet/savory/baking..
Some better plans for lower shelves is still coming, since I no longer reach the high ones or the tops of the cabinets. Again, thanks AT, for shoving me along a better path this late in life! We have to change approaches that were once in place when things were less cluttered, cooking simpler, appliances fewer,and less recycling demands.


The 10 Commandments of Keeping a Small Space Organized
4/15/14 01:07 PM

You are so right in your caution to move the dogwood. People need to understand that full growth will eventually happen, with unexpected consequences. Plantings have swift growth resulting in crowding too close together, roots go too close to a foundation, and volunteer shrubs, seedlings, and other unwelcome additions to landscaping plans can become out-of-control. And don't forget that we all age ourselves and find that management of plants and landscaping can overtake our past visions!


Before & After: A Lush Front Entry The Gardenist
4/7/14 09:57 AM

I need this entire post, but suddenly having trouble getting the visuals. Anything wrong on your end?

Quick Tip: Separate Your Measuring Spoons!
1/8/14 03:04 PM