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I"m sure that when I look at these web sites, there will be plenty of helpful tips. As my mom got older, we worked on things like making certain that robes were hemmed up to a good non-tripping height, took up some throw rugs, added a grab handle at the door into the house for stability when stepping up 1 step; making the stair banister sturdier and that it have an end piece that butts back to the wall [a older banister is usually just a single rod with open space to the wall which can catch a billowing sleeve, etc. Most areas current code prohibit this kind of bannister]

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3/17/14 03:03 PM

What setting is the microwave on? Highest/medium/lowest?

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1/22/14 08:41 AM

I use my zester to grate garlic.

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1/21/14 09:07 AM

We bought a pattern in England in the 1980s.. [Military].. Now it's out of production... broke 2 plates last year... got them replaced thru Replacements Ltd. Darn, maybe I should have thought about returning to the UK and going to boot sales...

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1/14/14 12:32 PM

Cook the bacon and then dip in good chocolate!

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12/30/13 03:17 PM

Envy... serious envy!

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12/15/13 02:29 PM