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I'd be more inclined to change the wall colors rather than paint the trim... I'm also suggesting some additional photos, photoshopping the trim white...
But what furniture you show, it doesn't look like you're into 'contemporary/modern'

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I"m sure that when I look at these web sites, there will be plenty of helpful tips. As my mom got older, we worked on things like making certain that robes were hemmed up to a good non-tripping height, took up some throw rugs, added a grab handle at the door into the house for stability when stepping up 1 step; making the stair banister sturdier and that it have an end piece that butts back to the wall [a older banister is usually just a single rod with open space to the wall which can catch a billowing sleeve, etc. Most areas current code prohibit this kind of bannister]

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What setting is the microwave on? Highest/medium/lowest?

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1/22/14 08:41 AM

I use my zester to grate garlic.

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We bought a pattern in England in the 1980s.. [Military].. Now it's out of production... broke 2 plates last year... got them replaced thru Replacements Ltd. Darn, maybe I should have thought about returning to the UK and going to boot sales...

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1/14/14 12:32 PM

Cook the bacon and then dip in good chocolate!

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12/30/13 03:17 PM

Envy... serious envy!

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