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LOVE the blue and white house!

7 Ways to Say Home Sweet Home
9/30/10 01:00 PM

Just gotta say I LOVED this post! Apartment Therapy should make listings like these a regular fixture!!

New York City Apartments Under $300K
New York Magazine

9/23/10 09:19 AM

I certainly am! What I really want to know is where those delicious letter pillows came from! I also love the painting in the tray in photo #3!!

Brighten the Bedroom: 10 Easy Ideas
9/9/10 11:47 AM

I love my land line. I am 28 and have never owned a cell phone. I can call anywhere and talk for as long as I want for $20/month.

Moving Survey: Do You Have a Land Line?
8/23/10 08:31 PM

I rented an apartment with smokers downstairs. We had completely separate air, pipes, the works. It did not matter - the smoke smell came up anyway. It permeated everything. During the first walk though, I couldn't smell a thing. But, as time went on, the smell got so bad my dad got sick whenever he came over. The worst part was that not only could I smell it around my apartment, people could smell it on ME whenever I left the apartment. Think hard and choose wisely.

Should Smokers Downstairs Be a Deal Breaker?
Good Questions

7/31/10 08:43 AM