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My ceiling in my rental studio. It is low and badly insulated, so my upstairs neighbor's noises come through loud & clear. Random leaks keep popping up in different places and come right through the acoustic tiles. Of all the things the contractor did badly (including installing the shower controls backward) the ceiling is the worst. Really hoping I can move before the end of this year.

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3/30/14 07:32 PM

Really? I have a velvet chair from West Elm and my Dyson + upholstery attachment pulls hair right off of it.

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1/30/14 11:03 PM

I'm guessing anyone using these storage ideas does not have cats? It would be extremely difficult to keep mine away from so many shiny dangly things.

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1/18/14 02:47 AM

I'm going to hang some blinds that have been waiting for me a couple of months now and create a gallery wall in the living room. If I find one in budget, there's a wall in my bedroom area (studio apartment) that needs a mirror.

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1/8/14 05:17 PM