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Re. maintenance, on popular brands used everywhere here in Europe (Geberit and Grohe), you have access to all serviceable parts through the flush plate. The water tank itself is molded in a single piece and cannot leak.

I have relatives who bought a house which came with a Geberit from the late 1970s/early 1980s and it is still working fine :) .

Petite Potties: Wall Hung Toilets
2/26/14 06:33 PM

In France we have a popular love song which lists all the things the singer would like to do with her BF and the fourth in the list is "going to IKEA" :-)

It's Valentine's Day. Are You at IKEA?
2/14/14 07:46 PM

I can turn my (wired) doorbell on and off, there is a switch on the electrical panel (it comes standard in new construction in my area). Your invention exists :)

What's Your Home Invention Idea? Here's Mine.
1/15/14 06:09 PM

Faucets manufacturers specifically advise NOT to use vinegar or anything with acetic acid for cleaning as it can damage the chrome finish. They recommend citrusjuice/citric acid.

How To Clean the 8 Things Everyone Forgets to Clean
1/13/14 07:26 PM

Ditto want LeonRoi said :P ... Wow, Jean-Christophe, si tu passes par Paris ...

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12/14/13 06:50 PM