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Very nice. I know Lazar makes them in in tons of colors, but I think they're a bit pricey.

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4/8/14 12:22 PM

What's the chair in the first pic? Is it the Eames?

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3/28/14 08:40 AM

Love savvy!

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3/27/14 03:17 PM


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3/13/14 04:51 PM

I found out about Sleepers In Seattle from this list a few years ago, how come you guys forgot them?

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2/21/14 02:25 PM

Online, there's also a sale on Stressless Recliners (like $300-$500) at Savvy Home:

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2/21/14 01:36 PM


i love the dual-colored doors, and AMOR above the bed!

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2/21/14 12:19 PM

Wow. Incredible job!

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2/19/14 09:16 AM

lol @shiver. i know the feeling!

Bedroom Survey:
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2/13/14 10:49 AM

I'm with dirtynerd. Can someone help us find more info on that sink?

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2/13/14 10:26 AM


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2/13/14 10:25 AM

I got an enso mattress, they're as nice as Tempur-Pedic (which I had for almost a decade, before moving cross country), but MUCH less expensive...and really equal quality.

Bedroom Survey:
Tell Us About Your Mattress! Take the Apartment Therapy and Furniture Today survey and enter for a chance to win $100

2/13/14 10:24 AM

Thanks, Chloe!

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2/12/14 10:07 AM

lol at this entire thread. Thanks, Maxwell!

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2/11/14 09:21 AM


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2/11/14 09:15 AM

Can I "like" Courtney's comment above? :)

I just mentioned this in another post, by why is small scale furniture not mentioned? You can search google and a lot of companies now have whole sections of their site dedicated to small scale furniture:
Macy's is really good for wooden needs: Small Scale Wood Furniture from Macy's
Savvy Home is really good for upholstered items: Small Scale Sofas

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2/11/14 09:09 AM

I really like the idea of framing--such a small change really would make a difference, IMHO.

I got my sofa from Savvy, and they have a section dedicated to small space furniture. Maybe they can help!
Small Space Furniture
that link ^ should take you right there!

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2/11/14 09:04 AM

These are all great tips!! Thanks everyone!!

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11/26/13 02:06 AM

I just got a Denver style from Sleepers In Seattle. Definitely the best online furniture shopping experience I've ever had. The sleeper itself is great. It's really compact but still has welted detail and a rolled arm--was by FAR the smallest rolled arm sleeper I was able to find. They have like a gillian different fabrics, but my 3 year old doesn't make my life any easier, so I was definitely going with a microfiber going in. I thought that would limit me, but was still able to choose from something like 10 different blues...

They sent me samples, one was spot on, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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11/26/13 02:01 AM