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My house is a mid-1990's ranch and the kitchen is open to the dining/living room along an eight foot peninsula with cabinets above it (mounted to the ceiling). After five years of living in the house, we removed the both sides of doors off of those upper cabinets to allow a line of sight from the kitchen into the living room. The remaining upper cabinets are mounted to the outer walls and still have doors.

We saved the doors, just in case, but they have been gone for more than two years and I won't put them back unless we sell the place. Although my shelves do get dusty - I wipe them down every three months or so, the dishes do not. Only the dishes and glasses I use everyday are on these open shelves. All of my mismatched Tupperware and other odds and ends are hidden behind closed doors. The combination works for me.

Open Shelving: Love It or Hate It?
11/25/13 05:41 PM