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oh the excitement is mounting... :) LOVE the sofa - sadly I haven't seen an IKEA from the inside since six years ago and every time we come close to one (in any country), I feel like jumping off the train/car/whatever and just grab everything!!! I often say to Hero Husband that I am suffering severe Ikea withdrawal

A Sneak Peek at IKEA's New 2015 Collections
7/8/14 02:13 PM

Well, this comes as a great surprise - I KNOW that in my daily life I'm very outgoing, accommodating and I love interaction with people - but in this article I'm totally the introvert as I choose my limited possibilities...
What a great article - thank you so much, if only for the splendid examples.

Design Tips for Introverts & Extroverts (and How to Tell Which One You Are)
6/19/14 12:49 PM