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Practical Decorating: Mitigate Messes with Blankets on the Sofa
6/17/14 01:32 PM

Creating a great space to rest is so important, and most people completely overlook designing them well. Personally, I need some music, a nightstand and something to create some ambient noise like a sleep fan. I do like the idea of creating more soft surfaces...I will definitely try it

How To Sleep Better: 9 Fixes For Common Reasons Why Your Bedroom's Not Working
4/22/14 01:31 PM

Great article on ceiling fans! As a southerner, myself, I grew up thinking of ceiling fans as necessities. But, there are some that are actually useful AND attractive. I'm actually partial to some of the more unique, bold designs of energy efficient ceiling fans that are found here: http://www.lightsonline.com/fans_indoor-ceiling-fans/. I particularly like the darker themes found in them. There's a lot more variety to them than most people think.

All About Ceiling Fans: Facts, Info & Tips
11/25/13 09:38 AM