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That's okay, Adrienne - I liked the article so it was worth noting that! If you saw my house you would probably get to point out that I was making a parallel design mistake. I'm very likely layering my rugs in a single vertical pile :)

10 Functional & Flexible IKEA Products for Small Spaces
4/19/14 06:18 PM

Reduced to a smaller number or size = "pared down," not "paired down." Think of a paring knife.

10 Functional & Flexible IKEA Products for Small Spaces
4/19/14 03:23 PM

How do these people work with their back to a big room? Or facing a wall? The combo gives me the heebie-jeebies.
What does a home office look like for someone who has a lot of papers, needs visual reminders, and doesn't have a separate room?

Decoration Inspiration Fitting a Home Office into a Small Space Small Space Solutions
4/7/14 09:40 PM

Before and after floor plans, please!

Karen & Deborah's Cherrywood Renovation House Tour
4/7/14 02:55 PM

Yuk...I cooked for longer because they seemed underdone, but they still never got brown, and they just didn't taste like falafel. They soaked overnight plus all day, and I used an oven that cooks other things well. Huh.

Recipe: Baked Red Lentil Falafel Salad Recipes from The Kitchn
4/1/14 09:54 PM

I like to leave my Assam out to brew for several hours, and then dilute it with an equal measure of water. It gets a wonderful cloudiness and bitterness. Anyone heard of this? Other than an article many years ago that said long-brewing brings out more calming compounds instead of just stimulating compounds, I can't find reference to it online.

What You Should Know About Black Tea Tea Essentials
3/10/14 07:25 PM

What's the source for the green magazine rack next to the skateboard?

Melissa & Andrew's Paprika Perch House Tour
2/13/14 09:50 AM

It looks like blue painter's tape and duct tape had a baby.

Rank The Architecture of the Sochi Olympics Design News
2/11/14 12:56 PM

It's lovely, truly.

Now for the love of design, AT, please consider getting editors!

The Sabine would not be as stunning if it had a large safety pin on one arm and a little orange Velcro circle on one cushion, would it?

That's the visual effect of posts with spelling and punctuation errors.

Perhaps there could be a pool of 5 contract editors. Posts in pre-post state would wait in an internal area of the site, and the editors would get an alert when a post needed checking. First come, first served. They would review and alert the author to make changes and/or pull the posting trigger. It should be pretty inexpensive.

They could also check re-posts for dead links, which have been coming up a lot on those "Our 8 Best Hand Towel Ideas" (etc.) posts.

Sabine Sofa in Navy Velvet
2/5/14 09:49 AM

Where is the blue patterned planter in the master bedroom from?

Mark's Comfortable Contemporary House Tour
1/30/14 01:14 PM

CELLAbration Live! A Tribute to Ella Jenkins (trailer)

Recommended Listening: Ella Jenkins, \"The First Lady of the Children's Folk Song\"
1/28/14 10:02 AM

This is a lovely suggestion given that Pete Seeger, her folk-singer contemporary, passed today at 94 years old. Listen to them both today!

Recommended Listening: Ella Jenkins, \"The First Lady of the Children's Folk Song\"
1/28/14 09:49 AM

Could you pull the fridge forward an inch and just stick a 1x4 or 2x4 behind it to keep people from inadvertently pushing it in? That might give you the 30 degrees you need.

1/27/14 03:26 PM

They are great in stir-fry too! Just cook them enough. Use like daikon.

What Is This Mystery Root Vegetable? Good Questions
1/25/14 09:04 AM

Any suggestions for a tiled bath where tiles and grout were painted with resurfacer to change tile color? Wiping with a sponge and cleaner makes the resurfacer come off.

How To Clean Grout Like You Mean It
1/24/14 10:46 AM

I'm not convinced that we've sorted out the mercury issue, AT. I can imagine almost no one who disposes of a broken bulb properly (throw away carpet?!). For people with kids and pets it's impractical or impossible. And those are the households that will likely have more broken bulbs and more little hands and feet stepping in them. And what about all the people who live in lovely 390-square-foot apartments? They have to wear hazmat gear and leave for a day each time they break a bulb? They can't close the door and stay out of the bedroom. Just some thoughts.

1000Bulbs.comStore Profile
1/24/14 08:48 AM

Not a purchase, but a repair. In TX paid $140 for a weekend urgent mechanical garage door call when it wouldn't open (we had to get in there). No maintenance in past 10-20 years. It was something we couldn't have fixed - springs - but also the guy adjusted all the cables, springs, and tightened the screws on the frame. You could open it with a feather now! I had no idea garage doors were not workout equipment.

How Much Did it Cost to Buy and Install Your Garage Door(s)? Reader Intelligence Request
1/22/14 10:02 AM

I would love to see some ideas for charging and storage areas that are hidden. Our neighborhood has been having a lot of quick-grab break-ins. Wouldn't it be great to have an underbench, behind-art, or within-bookshelf cabinet that could hold and charge iPads and laptops?

10 Small Space Tech Tips to Steal
From Hotels

1/22/14 09:57 AM

What's the lovely pink in the awesome header photo? It is much lighter and pinker than BM Lilac Pink. I'm viewing on an iPad with retina display.

My Colors of the Year Color Therapy
1/22/14 09:45 AM

Has anyone tried making pretzels with gluten-free yeasted pizza crust mix?

How To Make Soft Pretzels Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
1/18/14 07:08 PM