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I am in search of a good use for nonworking, green corded, tiny white lights. We have many of these, but are phasing in longer lasting LEDs to eliminate the problem. Still, I never know what to do with a string once they no longer work and they end up in the trash.

Holiday Decor: Ideas for Decorating With Christmas Lights, Both Old and New
11/23/13 12:56 PM

For families with lots of kids, a gift card to a movie theater is always a winner. Usually large families do not indulge in the movie theater experience very often.

This year I combined birthday gifts for nieces and nephews in each family and sent one of those jumbo inflatable play balls from amazon. There has been no end of fun photos of kids playing with the ball on the family blog. Can't beat $40 and free shipping.

We also enjoy doing box sets of old tv shows: Carol Burnett, Car 54, Little Rascals. Kids these days are missing out unless we help them.

\"Whole Family\" Gift Suggestions?
Good Questions

11/23/13 12:25 PM

About ten years ago, my husband checked his email at some point during our Christmas morning melee. Lo and behold, my brother had given him, my dad, and my other two brothers an all expenses paid fishing trip to Alaska.

My husband was not a fisherman and I felt I should have been invited instead of him due to previous years of service to aforementioned fishing brothers who are all younger than me and needed rides to go fishing for many years. However, my husband became a fisherman on that trip and caught his limit every day. We enjoyed halibut for the next year.

Anyway, I still sneak away every Christmas morning to check my email just in case.

No Shipping Required: Digitally Delivered Long-Distance Holiday Gifts
11/23/13 10:59 AM

I had no idea you could buy the swivel hardware to add to a non-swivel chair. Thank you for the info and the links. Congrats on that baby.

Before & After: From Old Armchair to Gorgeous Glider
11/23/13 10:44 AM

Love this post, Carolyn. The people I live with cannot find things even when I tell them where they are. I usually have to get up and go get the extra ketchup from the pantry shelf myself. That said, when Christmas comes around, the snoopers are out in full force. Here are some of my best tricks over the years.

Empty guitar cases: You can indeed fit a lot in them, and we have a lot of them. Because we have so many, they are carefully arranged under our bed for maximum storage and are a pain to get out. No one ever goes there except my husband when he has a gig.

Ikea cabinets: If you have Ikea cabinets, just pull off the toe kick and enjoy the vast expanse of space under your cabinets (unless you already keep stuff under there). It's easy enough to pop the toe kick on again.

Empty luggage: I nest our suitcases to take up less space and there is always room in one of the bags for something extra.

Hangers in the closet: You can hang a bag on a hanger and button up the shirt/coat over it and it disappears amongst all the other closet inhabitants.

Sleeper sofa: If you aren't having guests, stash some stuff in the sleeper sofa. Just make sure you distribute the contents evenly so no one ends up sitting on a big lump. I thought of this idea after I saw a suspect hiding in a sleeper sofa on a tv show (maybe Law and Order?). I'm sure the magic of television was amply employed to pull off that trick, but it got me thinking. I already keep linens specifically for the sleeper sofa in the sofa itself, so adding a few more flat items was an easy jump.

Bookcases: So many books and never enough shelves mean that all our bookcases are full. And my husband also has a lot of vinyl. Just pull everything forward and drop the gift behind.

Existing tubs, bins, boxes: I have taken contents out of resident plastic tubs or boxes and put gifts inside. No one ever thinks twice since those tubs are part of the landscape (for example, my sewing stuff). Usually moving the contents elsewhere temporarily is not a problem. I also did this one year with the boxes for Christmas decorations. Once the decor is up, all those containers are empty and no one thinks twice about them.

Unfortunately, I have to keep a list on my computer of what I've bought for whom and where I've stashed it. This prevents The Forgetting which is increasingly part of my increasing years.

Love the store brand bran flakes cereal box idea. No one in my house touches the bran flakes.

Gift Giving Guide: Best Hiding Places
11/23/13 10:41 AM