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We did this experiment over Christmas break as well. It went along well with some of the ice activities we did from our ice BLAST from littleblast.

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1/6/14 03:32 PM

My 3 1/2 year old twin girls love a new box subscription that I just got them about science - it is educational and fun! Best yet, all the materials and guides are included. The website is

20 Toys for Young Brainiacs
12/13/13 02:50 PM

littleBLAST is a monthly subscription for preschoolers that teaches spatial and logical reasoning through hands-on math and science activities. It is a great way for kids to start exlporing, investigating, and thinking about the world. All supplies and lessons are in the BLAST for 4 activities. It would be a great gift! Check them out-

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11/22/13 09:38 PM