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This may sound unbelievable (and crazy) but when my then boyfriend (now husband) first moved in with me we had this unspoken competition of who would be the first wimp to turn up the heat when November hit. (We live in New England and are super competitive). Needless to say, the dial never went above 45F for the winter and we paid almost nothing for heat that year. One thing we noticed that year is going out side was much more tolerable for us. I run outside all winter long, we both snowboard, and camp in the back country. While everyone around us was cold we found we could enjoy our sports all day without feeling the need to go inside. Since then, we bought a house but find we still keep the temp low, mainly because we find going out side for winter sports is very tolerable. But I will say we turn the heat up to a blistering 56F! People think we are nuts but over the years I find this temperature very comfortable :-)

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