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A site that carries color steel shelving in a wide variety of choices is It is amazing how color changes the look and feel of a simple shelving unit. And with all the size choices they offer, they can provide the unit size that you need.

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7/8/14 08:11 AM

With the overwhelming options that show up in searches for wire shelving, a simple site I found is When called, they give great advise on the right size and solution for shelving plus a great selection of sizes. While most sites tend to have discount wire shelving, the site sell Nexel brand of wire shelving, a premium quality manufacturer.

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7/8/14 08:07 AM

I would think about a murphy bed approach. Affixing a hinged counter top to the wall that might have a painting or poster on the underside when in the "on the wall" position would give you work space when you need it and an open space for a small table and chairs when you want to eat. you can have a leg made with the counter top that will give you stability when down and put in a corner or closet when up.

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11/21/13 03:19 PM

Adding standards and brackets is an easy way to fill out dead spaces. They are available at most hardware stores and you can have plain wood panels or laminate shelves cut to fill the space. This is a real simple way to "make" custom shelving without really have to make much. It is so simple even I can do it.

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11/21/13 03:12 PM

A great simple solution would be to have a counter top made and using something different as risers to hold them up - maybe a strong flower pot or such and use that to make a functional and great look. With a large selection of types of counter tops, you can make it as functional or as fancy as your would like. You can go with a laminate or stone or something in between.

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11/21/13 03:08 PM

Maybe I can help. We manufacture custom storage solutions that are definitely industrial looking. We take our cues from what you need and see if we can accomplish your goal.

Great luck with finding a solution.

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11/21/13 03:01 PM