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Wheezing in my April Fool's post yet!

How To Paint a Family Heirloom: Danish Empire Style Chest Apartment Therapy Tutorials
4/1/14 01:40 PM


I assume this is an April Fool's post like all the rest, but I can't figure out the joke...I mean, Jim and Doris are probably some wealthy fictional couple, but I've got no clue what from!

Jim & Doris' Global Island Oasis House Tour
4/1/14 12:18 PM

I wonder why the study methodology didn't include taxes, insurance, and related expenses when real mortgage lenders looking to set up your loan actually would? The study even says in the methodology notes, "There is no doubt that your income will need to be much higher to cover taxes, insurances and other expenses to live in the home, plus any other debts you might have." All that conveniently ignored (the bank won't ignore it, not unless they're hilariously sketchy), AND a 20% down payment that apparently fell from the heavens? Whole article's a bunch of fluff, IMO.

How Much Do You Need to Make to Buy A Home in 25 Cities? Design News
2/19/14 01:38 PM

Adhesive, removable hooks inside cabinet drawers to hang sifters, etc. However, be sure not to open cabinet door quickly/forcefully as things may fly off their hooks and smack you in the face...Also the same hooks on the underside of upper cabinets to hang measuring tools right above spice rack.

Storing a container of Band-Aids in the kitchen (for my in my "miscellaneous not-quite-kitchen-stuff" drawer next to the sink). I've rarely needed a Band-Aid for reasons not kitchen-related and it's nice to not have to dash off to the bathroom to stopper a nick from a slipped knife, etc.

What's Your Genius Kitchen Organizing Tip? Tell Us What Makes You Proud! Reader Intelligence Request
2/18/14 06:00 PM

My two big splurges are a deep-cleaning maid every four weeks (I haaate scrubbing the tub!) and a good haircut every six weeks (I like my hair quite short and I can never get it right doing it myself). I'm able to afford them both by not having a TV or a smartphone, though I know that's not feasible for everyone; plenty of people need smartphones for work, for example, but my job doesn't require one.

What Conveniences are You Willing to Splurge On?
2/18/14 04:11 PM

My bed is tucked into a corner. The lengthwise end that faces out into the room has built-in storage underneath, so I didn't want a nightstand next to it anywhere as it would prevent me opening said drawers. And the one available widthwise end faces the bedroom door (which opens inwards), so there wasn't enough space for a nightstand there. My solution was to just install a floating shelf where a headboard out to be. Keeps a few books, glasses, lamp, cup of tea, and other odds and ends right where I like them, doesn't take up any floor space, and I don't have to sleep with my head beneath the shelf if I don't want to. (But I usually do, and somehow I've only knocked my head against it once so far. Maybe it's odd, but I'm very pleased with it as an alternative to taking up valuable real estate on my bedroom floor.)

10 Unusual Things to Use as a Nightstand
2/14/14 02:31 PM

Too funny! Hope some other design styles will get a similar gentle ribbing. ;)

10 Tell-Tale Signs that Your Home Is: Bohemian
2/13/14 05:46 PM

I keep all of my spirits atop the fridge, if only because I want them all in one place, and somehow there are always 2-3 oddly tall liqueur bottles that keep me from being able to tuck the whole circus into one of the kitchen cabinets. Same bottle-size issue keeps me from investing in a bar cart, plus there's no convenient place to put one. So fridgetop it is until I come up with a better solution. It does have the unintended benefit of letting me know at a glance when I'm close to running out of something, plus I sort of unconsciously never buy more new alcohol than can fit on top of the fridge. (I love trying new liquors, so having an external limitation imposed on my curiosity is probably a good thing!)

Fun or Faux Pas? Liquor Bottles on Display
2/12/14 04:45 PM

I have really enjoyed reading along with the January Cure! While I didn't follow it properly myself, I used the idea as inspiration to make January a month of big changes and decisions around my apartment, which has been great. I'll be doing my own flavor of the Cure well into February but reading along with AT has helped keep me motivated to turn my place into one I truly love coming home to every day.

(The one piece of the AT Cure I did adopt as written was bringing in flowers...I'm really amazed at what a difference it makes! Why did I never do this before?!)

Final Stretch: The 60 Minute Quick Clean
1/29/14 11:55 AM

My big resolution for my apartment is to get my patio gussied up. I have a good 25 square feet of blank concrete out there that doesn't get used at *all*. By the end of the year, I want a rocking chair and side table, pots overflowing with herbs and veggies, and a bird feeder or two. Hmm...maybe a trip to the store is in order this weekend!

New Year’s Resolutions for My Apartment
1/2/14 10:50 AM

Forget the kids' rooms...this grownup wants a climbing wall for herself! *LOL* (Even though I'm so clumsy it would be an accident waiting to happen...)

Climbing the Walls, Literally: Climbing Walls in Kids Spaces
12/13/13 01:25 PM

I have the space but not the budget for a tree (not this year, anyway), so I did something similar to this: took all the Christmas cards I've gotten over the years and used painters' tape on the back to stick them to a wall in the shape of a tree. They come off easily and look better than nothing, especially since it's the first thing you see now when you open the door to my apartment.

Small Space Solutions: 5 Last-Minute Creative Christmas Trees for Tiny Homes
12/13/13 12:27 PM