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I recently threw out my malm chest of drawers. Each draw is separated by such a flimsy bit of board that, although the drawers are extra deep you can't really fill them or it'll break. I still have quite a few items from IKEA but I'll never get a malm again. I'd recommend the micke desk, though.

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12/17/13 01:33 PM

We just bought a new sofa for our Brooklyn apartment and we ended up getting it from 212modernfurniture.com - we went and tried it out at the showroom in Manhattan first and the guy there was really helpful. We got a sleeper sofa from innovations that's comfy to sleep on and curl up and watch a movie. Plus they guaranteed to get it into our third floor walk up, something which IKEA failed at. They did only send one guy though, so my husband had to help carry it up and assemble it!

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11/20/13 10:26 AM