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Thank you! I was wondering what that was on the train out to my parents' house - it's truly breathtaking in person. The Chestnut Hill West line outbound (and others) will take you past it.

Art Installation Enlivens Philadelphia Train Rides Design News
5/14/14 04:12 PM

Yes to all! I would also add an unpleasant discovery we made on day one of owning our new house: fleas. It took three months, dozens of itchy bites, more than one crying episode, and hundreds of hours of vacuuming to get rid of those nasty buggers. If the previous owner had pets, see if you can find out if they've been treated or if you can get an exterminator in there before you close, or (seriously) stand in the house for five minutes in bare legs and sandals. Word to the wise.

5 Things Not To Worry About While House Hunting (and One Unexpected Thing You Probably Should)
11/20/13 01:07 PM

This looks incredible! As a vegetarian sadly in want of a roasting pan, is there any other way to do the last step without said piece of equipment?

Holiday Recipe: Eggnog Breakfast Bread Pudding Recipes from The Kitchn
11/19/13 05:05 PM