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Put some teal or medium to light blue in that room (pillow, vases etc...). I love orange, but you need something to offset it and it sounds like you're still not in love with it. A few pillows in teal and perhaps a darker orange, as well as some brighter artwork and I'm sure you'll really love it.

Also, what dye and process did you use? And have you had any issues with it rubbing off on clothing or other items? DId you use a chemical to set the dye?

Before & After: From Dark and Dated to a Daring Dyed Sofa
12/20/13 01:05 PM

Oh, the hurt from the parents who DESERVE the discount b/c they procreated. Some of us can't procreate and if we want the same discount on some random junk from Amazon and all we have to do is insert our cat's name into the box then so be it. And if this is what you are so worried about and so up in arms about then you have some really mixed up priorities. The idea that you have the time and energy to cry about someone without children getting a discount indicates that perhaps you have too much free time on your hands or aren't mature enough to be a parent.

Fake Babies for Discounts? Amazon Mom is an Honor System Design News 12.19.13
12/20/13 12:57 PM

Another question. Can you get a smaller bed? I know it feels like being a kid but a daybed would look nice in a small place, double as extra seating. There are pop up trundle beds that combine two twins into queen/king. I wish I had a good suggestion on where to buy them but I've slept on one in a guest room and it was great, and it folded back quite easily.

Better Way to Layout Newly-Purchased Chelsea Studio? Good Questions
12/20/13 12:48 PM

I'm jumping on the Murphy bed bandwagon.
You've spent quite a bit on this place. I think another 1k to get a custom solution to make yourself fully happy in this place would be totally worth it.
There are great Murphy beds that have a desk integrated into them and they fold down without having the items on the desk disturbed.

If you feel like this is too big an expenditure then maybe try this. Turn the bed 90 degrees with the foot of the bed facing the wall with the closet on it. Leave a 3' pathway between the end of the bed so that you can walk past it to the bathroom. Behind the bed (on the headboard side) put something to separate it like an expedit bookcase from Ikea and put the dining table up against that. Then put the couch near the a/c unit or where the table used to be. Play with some really avant garde arrangements... If I could figure out how to send you a drawing of what I'm thinking of I would!

Better Way to Layout Newly-Purchased Chelsea Studio? Good Questions
12/20/13 11:45 AM

Behind the dryer where you have the exposed pipes I'd suggest hanging something from the ceiling to the top of the dryer (make sure nothing that could be fire causing is nearby). Use a heavy fabric, or maybe magnetic metal to make a message board or just something bold and colorful to add some style to the place). Ikea has the hardware for this sort of thing, and you can use their panels or make your own. You could even extend the wall coverings/panels to hang behind the washer and in between the two. That would create a colorful little nook and brighten up the space... and you can take everything down when you move out.

I'd also suggest a kitchen island that also has a breakfast bar so you don't lose the seating. You could get some freestanding kitchen islands already like this or pick out some cabinets and countertop and DIY an island like that. (if the mini-fridge is yours your could even hid that under the island.

Ideas for Basement Rental Kitchen That Needs a Facelift? Good Questions
12/3/13 04:02 PM

Use an ikea expedit on its side to seperate the kitchen from the living area. You can then put the couch up against the expedit. Display pretty kitchen items in the cubbies like stacks of dishes, teapots etc... And a few other things on top like a nice lamp and a plant.

Then you can put the tv on the wall.

I'd suggest a coffee table that can turn into a dining table and some side chairs that can double as dining chairs. Keep the furniture to the minimum that you use everyday so that it doesn't start feeling cluttered.

Where to Put Furniture in Living Room with Only Two Walls? Good Questions
12/3/13 03:55 PM

I love that this is so realistic. Furniture from Ikea, white walls. Very typical of what so many apartment dwellers have at hand. And with many other places I am so jealous of the ability to keep clutter to a minimum. I need the anti-clutter fairy to come for a visit!

Lauren's Happy, Inspired Studio House Tour
12/3/13 03:50 PM

Also a question!!!! Are those Ikea Cabinets? I have had some very paranoid people tell me that I can't put a heavy countertop on my Ikea cabs. I think they are wrong b/c the cabs are so sturdy. Any advice on that?

Renovation Inspiration: Do It Yourself Concrete Kitchen Countertops
12/2/13 01:13 PM

Those are AMAZING countertops. I didn't realize that a person could DIY a concrete countertop like that.

One suggestion for someone with a similar arrangement. The section with the wood siding looks super cool but was a lost storage opportunity. A few extra inches 3-4 max and you could have a handy storage area for spices, and most bottles. Maybe even drinking glasses or narrow boxes with dry goods.

Renovation Inspiration: Do It Yourself Concrete Kitchen Countertops
12/2/13 01:12 PM