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You can always fit a tree!!! I had a teeny tiny tree in my dorm room freshman year of college. And this year I plan on putting my skinny 3 foot tree in my 375 sq foot studio. I have the perfect spot for it!

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!
You're Way Too Big For My House! Christmas Trees & Alternatives for Small Space Dwellers

11/21/13 12:40 PM

I live two hours away from my parents and less than an hour away from my aunt, where we have about half of our holiday gatherings, so holiday travel has never been a burden for me and I love visiting family, especially at the holidays. But my brother and sister-in-law live several states away and its about a 12 hour drive. Since they moved there four years ago they always come back for Christmas, but this year my sister-in-laws mother moved to be close to them so they won't be coming back for Christmas. Which is very disappointing...

Will You Actually Get To Be Home For The Holidays?
11/19/13 02:51 PM

This topic and MANY of these comments made me cringe! It is absolutely tacky to offer or ask for money when hosting a get together. If the host can't afford to provide the entire meal or does not want to make every dish, she can ask her guests to bring sides and desserts, which would most certainly lift a sizable portion of the financial burden. I have a friend that offers me money almost every time she comes over for dinner and it makes me so uncomfortable! If I didn't want to share my dinner with you I wouldn't invite you over.

Etiquette seems to be becoming a lost art....

Money or a Dish: Monetary Compensation for Holiday Dinners?
11/19/13 02:28 PM