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Such great ideas here. I personally love all the brights and metallics. I've been using my paints, brushes and paint pens and basically illustrating old furniture that I'm tired of.
I've had so much fun with it that I've partnered with a woodworker and am going into the furniture business soon!

12 Clever & Fun DIY Projects to Update a Piece of Furniture You Hate
4/19/14 08:35 PM

Love this and the timing is perfect! I've totally been on a gold kick lately - http://www.averyodesign.com/blog/2014/1/30/going-for-the-gold-painted-furniture

Go for the Gold: 15 Gold Leaf DIY Projects
1/30/14 05:45 PM

I LOVE this! As an artist, I get so much inspiration from my kids, and their art is just as prominently displayed in our house as mine. I've hand-painted frames onto the playroom walls to hang their artwork. We switch it out regularly with a few pieces of scotch tape. (You can see it on www.averyodesign.com)

The Importance of Displaying Children's Art in the Home
1/21/14 05:24 PM

Fantastic list! The things here that I already do are the best things about my day or week. The things I don't do are exactly what I constantly say I should be doing.

I host 10 to 15 people at my house once a week for dinner and its the best thing we do, especially with two toddlers at home. A big pot of bean soup buys us guaranteed social time every week without the cost of a babysitter and a true family of friends.

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11/18/13 06:32 PM