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I have remodeled two of my own kitchens with IKEA cabinets and been extremely pleased with them in both cases. I am also an interior designer and have worked for custom kitchen design showrooms, and now I work for a design/build firm. I still specify IKEA cabinets and closets whenever I can because I can create a really high end look on a smaller budget. It's all about getting creative with how you combine them, the other materials you use, and incorporating some non-IKEA elements. I have had every contractor complain about the assembly, which makes me laugh because I assembled all of my own cabinets. If you are hiring a contractor, I recommend having a very frank conversation about the cabinets and the extra labor involved, the installation, etc before you ever sign a contract to make sure you are both on the same page. Second, if you are not design inclined - and even if you are, kitchens can be extremely tricky - there are many companies out there who will design your kitchen for you with the IKEA cabinets and provide you with a punch list to take to the store. I would never trust the IKEA software to be the only design documentation - it's not always complete.

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